NAES can customize your operating procedures and system descriptions, and simplified operational diagrams. Our experience demonstrates that precisely written, customized operating procedures improve plant reliability, availability, efficiency, and maintainability by enabling plant staff to focus on procedural compliance, thereby minimizing human performance errors. We incorporate OEM recommendations and best practices into a single, comprehensive set of operating guidelines that promote superior performance in all areas of plant operations.

Power Plant Programs & Procedures

Program Assessments

Utilizing our proven assessment tools, we come to your site and assess your existing Operations and Maintenance programs and processes against industry best practices.  We will give you a thorough report that highlights the good and bad to help you identify what is working and areas for improvement.

Program Licensing

NAES standard programs can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients.   Popular program manuals like our Safety Policy Manual (SMP) can be tailored and licensed for a one-time fee or an optional bi-annual update license.

NAES also offers tools to help manage compliance tracking, action item tracking and access to our library of Best Practices and Lessons Learned on a subscription basis.

Plant labeling

NAES will come to your site and label your equipment and processes.  We will provide the engineering, material, and labor necessary to label plant piping and equipment per your plant drawings.


Our Operations Analysts are certified procedure writers through the Procedure Professionals Association (PPA).  This means they have all been trained to industry recognized standards in procedure writing which emphasizes reducing human factored errors.

We will help you revise your existing operating procedures or create new operating procedures for your plant.  We also develop Emergency Operating Procedures and System Descriptions with the same exacting standards.

Maintenance Instructions

Our Operations Analysts are experienced in reviewing plant equipment to help develop maintenance instructions for your facility.  They often work with NAES Maintenance Support Services to help develop these for your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Training & Qualifications


At NAES, we believe a well-trained staff is one of a power plant’s greatest assets. We offer Training Manual Procedures to establish the required level of knowledge and proficiency for positions at each facility. These procedures can be tailored for each plant position.


It is important to qualify your staff to ensure they are equipped to operate in their positions. Qualification cards are included in our Training Policy Manuals (TMPs).

The qualification cards can be customized to system/equipment specific. They can also be uploaded into a Learning Management System and delivered to the student in an interactive electronic format

as a curriculum that encompasses Web Based Training Lessons and associated Exams to cover the foundational basics. Plant specific materials such as Operating Procedures, System Descriptions, Vendor Training Materials, etc. can be included as well. There is also the capability to create plant specific exams that are administered and graded electronically.


System Descriptions are vital components for a reliable, safe, and efficient power plant operation. These SDs allow new operators to learn the different plant systems and their capabilities quickly and easily.

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