Assessment, Optimization, and Solutions

NAES Field Engineering & Research brings several decades of impactful experience to the complete assessment, analysis, and optimization of complex PV systems. Our highly experienced team of solar engineers and technicians specializes in evaluating a solar asset to create a comprehensive plan of action for the most efficient long-term solutions, to include performance engineering and analytics.

Our services include a comprehensive evaluation of a solar project from planning and construction through the entire project operations lifecycle, including revamp / repower (especially defunct OEM repairs / replacements) and even decommissioning. We also specialize in designing and implementing solutions for issues when others have not been able to achieve success (ie, trackers whose OEM is no longer supports the software, controls, and tracking components).

Maximizing Performance

Technical Equipment Diligence

Is this product a good fit/retrofit for my system?

Electroluminescence imaging (lab or field)

What quantitative damage have the modules sustained internally (not visible to naked eye) and how was it likely caused?

IR imaging (ground level or flyover)

Where are there potential thermal issues in the modules and electrical connections?

IV Curve tracing (field or lab)

What is the exact power production at the module or string level?

Warranty claim management

Is this failure warrantable and how do I navigate that process?

System acquisition valuation & assessments

I am buying a system. What issues does it have? How, exactly does it perform now? How much would it cost to repair those issues and what would the ROI be for those repairs?

Third party product testing (lab and/or Outdoor Research Facility)

How does my prototype hold up to real-life conditions and address investor concerns?

Energy Models (PVsyst, Helioscope, etc.)

Is the proposed developer model accurate? How would the proposed retrofit(s) affect the production?

Revamp / Repower

How do I address systemic failures across multiple components no longer supported by the OEM?

Tracker diagnosis (controls and mechanical)

Why are failures happening and how to address them?

Custom part design

These parts are no longer manufactured or were poorly designed – now what?

Module / Inverter replacement engineering

What modules and/or inverters can replace the ones I have which are out of warranty and failing?

DAS / Comms upgrades & troubleshooting

How can I ensure stable and accurate DAS reporting