Staffing any business is at an historically challenging level. Maintaining efficient staffing levels in a competitive marketplace is one of today’s businesses’ most common management challenges.
NAES Staffing Services provides cost-effective, customer-tailored staffing solutions for temporary or permanent positions and for a range of industries:

  • Power Generation: all technologies
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas/Refining
  • Construction


Mitchell Lockhart

Staffing Services Specialist

NAES Power Plant Staffing Image

We deliver value by freeing you to run your business:

  • A wealth of experience within the industries we serve;
  • A central resource that coordinates all of your
    temporary staffing needs;
  • Flexibility in tailoring your workforce to meet your
    manpower loading requirements;
  • Better cost control: personnel are assigned only as
    long as required;
  • Increased productivity: experienced personnel will have an immediate impact;
  • Complete handling of employee screening and administration.

What We Offer

NAES Staffing Services


Staff Augmentation

When your hiring managers have need of additional person¬nel, we source, prescreen, and recommend qualified candidates. You have the option to interview any candidate referred by us and verify checked references. Upon your approval, we assume all responsibility for employee administration and payroll activi-ties, legally required withholdings and employer contributions (FICA, FUI, SUI), admin¬istering benefits and worker’s compensation insurance/benefits. You also have the option to retain a contract hire as a full-time, direct employee once he/she has com¬pleted an agreed-on duration of assignment.


Administration & Payroll

Your hiring managers can utilize known resources (retirees, internal referrals) on a temporary employment basis. Upon referral to NSS, we employ the individual(s) and assume all responsibility for employee administration and payroll. Since we do not incur the costs associated with candidate sourcing, prescreening, ref¬erences and employment verification, we can provide services at a discounted rate.


Direct Recruitment & Temp-to-Perm

You use our recruiters to identify personnel for direct placement within your organization. Upon receipt of your job description, we work with your HR department and hiring managers to source, prescreen and reference-check prospective employees, facilitate the employment offer and transition phases. We offer clients who use our direct-recruitment staffing option a replacement guarantee. We also support the international needs of domestic companies on a direct-placement basis.