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With our extensive experience, we offer comprehensive solutions for power generation and industrial operations.

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By leveraging our extensive experience, we can offer cost-effective solutions for power generation and industrial operations. Our services optimize operational efficiency, leading to significant cost savings.

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Customized Solutions

We are known for working closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs. This tailored approach ensures that the services provided are as relevant and effective as possible.

Maximo SErvices

Service Description

Our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) services, powered by industry-leading CMMS software (IBM’s Maximo), provide a comprehensive framework for organizing, tracking, and managing maintenance activities and assets.

These services enhance operational efficiency, extend asset life, and optimize maintenance strategies, ensuring predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance is conducted effectively.

We support implementation, data migration, training, and ongoing system support, tailoring our services to meet the unique operational needs of our clients, ensuring their maintenance operations are streamlined and assets are maximized for reliability and performance.

You can trust our extensive experience designing IBM Maximo Asset Management software solutions that meet business needs.

Our team are IBM Silver Business Partners with experience in all current versions of Maximo. Work is always carried out by a team of certified Maximo experts, under the supervision of an experienced project manager.

Currently we provide Maximo support to over 40 facilities. Support includes,

  • Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Data Loads
  • Integrations
  • Upgrades
  • Customizations
  • Installation of Software Updates
  • Hosting Maximo
  • Data Recovery
  • and other Custom Projects

Specific to Your Needs

Unlock Your Facility’s Full Potential

The difference between leading and lagging often hinges on the operational excellence and maintenance efficiency of your facilities.

This is where NAES transforms your challenges into opportunities. Our team of experts brings a wealth of industry experience and a proven track record of enhancing performance across a wide array of energy facilities.

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Crossfield Energy Centre
Calgary District Energy Centre
Shepard Energy Centre
Cavalier Power Station
Cascade Power Project
Far North Iroquois Falls
Far North Kapuskasing
Far North Kingston
Far North North Bay
Energía Del Valle De México I & II
Norte III
Tuxpan II & V
Tierra Mojada
A3T Power Plant
Croydon Energy
Derby Cogen
Sutton Bridge Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Project
Severn Power Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Project
Harquahala Generating Facility
Colton Century
Colton Drews
Panoche Energy Center
LaPaloma Power Facility
Orange Grove Energy, L.P.
Tracy Power Plant
High Desert
Plains End I
Mid-Connecticut Jet Engine Turbine Facility
Mid-Connecticut Resource Recovery Facility (WPF/RRF/PBF)
Kleen Energy Systems, LLC
Towantic Energy Center
Sobek-JM Larson, Inc.
Sobek-Larson Dairy
MEAG Wansley Unit No. 9
Rathdrum Power
Holland Energy Facility
Lee County Generating Station
Elwood Energy Facility
Jackson Generating Station
Gibson City Energy Center
Grand Tower Energy Center
Shelby County Energy Center
Tilton Energy Center
Lawrence Generating Station
Montpelier Electric Generating Station
Worthington Generation, LLC
River Highland
Colby Generating Facility
Great Bend Facility
Goodman Energy Center
Millennium Power
Dighton Power Plant
Milford Power Plant
Salem Harbor Generating Station
Renaissance Generation Plant
Castor-Beaver Creek
Dendulk-Meadow Rock
Michigan Power
Dendulk-Willow Point
Minnesota River Station
Castor-River Ridge
Faribault Energy Park
Nobles II Energy Center
Clear Creek Energy Center
Dogwood Energy Center
Kings Mountain Energy Center
Rosemary Power Station
Heritage Shawnee
Carneys Point Steam Plant
Linden 1-5
Linden 6
Heritage Gilbert
Newark Energy Center
Heritage Sayreville
Middlesex County Landfill
Red Oak Power
Logan Generating Plant
Eagle Point Power Generation, LLC
Luna Energy Facility
Lordsburg Generating Station
Astoria Energy I
Astoria Energy II
Athens Generating Facility
Beaver Falls LLC
Edgewood Power Facility
Harlem River Yards Power Station
Hell Gate Power Station
Riverbay Combined Heat and Power Facility
Joseph J. Seymour Power Station (former Gowanus)
Kent Power Station
Yellowjacket - Zuber
Equus Power Facility
Lockport Cogeneration Facility
Vernon Boulevard Power Station
TWA Hotel
North Tonawanda
Helios-Gardeau Crest
Empire Generating
Castleton Cogeneration Project
Shoreham Power Facility
Syracuse LLC
Cubit Power Cogen
Pouch Terminal Power Station
Yellowjacket - Boxler
AMPCT Bowling Green
JV2 Bowling Green
Monument Generating Station
AMP Fremont Energy Center
AMPCT Galion
JV2 Hamilton
Long Ridge Energy Generation Station
Hutchings Generating Station
Middletown Energy Center
Tait Electric Generating Station
AMPCT Napoleon
JV2 Napoleon
Heritage Niles
Sidney Generating Station
W.H. Sammis Power Station (Demolition Oversight)
Lordstown Energy Center
Green Country Energy, L.L.C.
Heritage Hamilton
Birdsboro Power Project
Heritage Titus
Hill Top Energy Center
Heritage Blossburg
Heritage Hunterstown
Hunterstown Generating Station
Hazleton LLC
Fairview Energy Center
Heritage Portland
Heritage New Castle
Hickory Run Energy Station
Heritage Tolna
Heritage Orrtanna
Heritage Brunot Island
Heritage Shawville
Heritage Warren
Towanda LNG Facility
PHR Peakers
Wharton County Generation
Panamint Twin Oaks
Panamint Walnut Creek Mine
Chamon Power
Johnson County
Whirlwind Energy Facility
SJRR Power
Tejas Energy Center (former Friendswood)
Frontera Generation
Lavaca Midstream Gas Gathering System
Quail Run Energy Center
Port Comfort Power
Sandy Creek Energy Station
Nacogdoches Generation Facility
Rayburn Power
Tres City Power (Formerly Victoria City Power Station)
Tres Port Power (former Victoria Port Power Station)
Tres Port Power (former Victoria Port Power Station)
Victoria Port Power II
Victoria WLE, LP
Advanced Clean Energy Storage 1
Altavista Power Station - Biomass
Wolf Hills Energy
Southampton Power Station - Biomass
Gordonsville Energy Power Station
Hopewell Power Station - Biomass
Ferndale Generation Facility
Harvest Wind
White Creek Wind 1
Tacoma LNG Facility
Whitewater Plant
Big Sandy Peaker
Pleasants Power Station