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North American Energy Services (now NAES) is formed by four Northwest electric utilities


Major Maintenance Business Established


Business offerings are expanded to include staffing services


Power Plant Operations Business Established


NAES acquired by Itochu


NAES Power Contractors (NPC) Established


Becomes Leading Third-Party Power Plant Operator


Enters Midstream, Downstream, Petrochem Enters Asia and Europe


Acquires E3 Technical & Advisory Services


Acquires Greenberry Industrial Construction and Olsson Industrial Electric


Acquires PurEnergy Asset Management & Accounting


Acquires Gridforce Energy Management Services


Acquires Bay4 Energy

Leading By Example

Leadership Team

Our leaders put the NAES core values into practice every day as operating principles. They walk the talk, instilling a culture of transparency and integrity.

They respond personally if they see a client need that has gone unmet. They embrace the adage of ‘strength in diversity,’ bringing a global range of backgrounds, perspectives and experience to the table. By extension, they have set a standard of treating everyone in the NAES community with respect, regardless of their personal characteristics.


Mark Dobler

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mark brings more than 35 years of power generation leadership experience to NAES, having served in a wide range of management positions, including President of Operational Energy Corp (OEC), Chief Executive of Wood Group Gas Turbine Services, and, most recently, CEO of EthosEnergy.

While his roots in the business have always been power plant O&M, he has accumulated broad experience in EPC, third-party and OEM rotating equipment aftermarket services, and long-term maintenance contracting.

Arslan Javed

Chief Financial Officer

Arslan is a globally experienced financial and business leader with expertise honed from more than 20 years in the engineering, construction, and energy industries. He has a long track record in mergers & acquisitions, operations finance, financial reporting & analysis, planning and forecasting, risk management, and project & contract management.

1 fun/interesting fact: Enjoy binge watching underdog stories on Netflix.
Favorite quote: Two: “Trust is earned in drops and lost in buckets” and “No matter what you look like, what matters is the size of your heart and the strength of your character.”
Least favorite food: Noodles of any kind (I always make a mess eating those.)
Dream job: Authentic desi street food place.
Most fascinating place you’ve travelled: I narrowed travel to place I have hiked to… Ice line Trail (Yoho National Park, Canada)
Superstitions: None. But if my wife is getting a strange vibe from someone or something … I don’t go near that.
Hidden talents: Cooking but not following recipes. Just kind of winging it as I go.
Pineapple on Pizza: Yes, but then it’s not a Pizza.

Stan Weeks

Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer, Chief Operations Officer | MROC

Stan brings more than 20 years of HR, operations, and industrial engineering expertise to NAES. He provides a wealth of experience leading human resource initiatives within fast-growth, innovative companies in the aerospace and forest products industries, and has a strong track record of increasing value through human capital management, operational excellence, and strategic planning and execution across a number of businesses.
While at NAES, Stan has focused on championing NAES’s values of instituting ethical business practices, driving continuous improvement, and working with his team to support business development and growth through talent development.

Favorite quote: Hire well, manage little, and always play like an underdog.
Hobbies: Hunting & Fishing
Dream job: Alaskan state trooper game warden
Most fascinating place you’ve travelled: Remote village in Alaska
Superstitions: Never stick chopsticks straight up
Pineapple on Pizza: Sure

Charlie Hoock

Senior Vice President | Energy Services

Charlie’s experience in global energy services spans more than 30 years in power generation, industrial, and oil & gas.  He has held leadership roles for P&L, business development, facility management and asset management.  Prior to joining NAES in 2020, he held executive and senior level roles at EthosEnergy, Wood Group, Calpine and General Electric.
Mr. Hoock holds a BE in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York Maritime College and earned his US Coast Guard Third Assistant Engineer’s license.  He served in the United States Navy Reserve for nine years achieving the rank of Lieutenant.

1 fun/interesting fact: In 3rd grade I was in trouble with my teacher almost every week. I like to remember it as me taking a year off in an otherwise stellar elementary school track record.
Dream job: Executive Chef
Favorite quote: Anything worth doing is worth doing right!
Hobbies?: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – purple belt
One thing you’re really bad at: Remembering new names at parties
One thing you’re really good at: I have been told more than once that I am good at being a friend. It will always be one of the best compliments I ever receive.
Pineapple on Pizza: Absolutely No!

Steve Yoshida

Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer | Corporate Development

Steve has played a key role in business development and strategy formation for multiple international corporations, including as chief strategy officer for Tyr Energy, Inc. and most recently for ITOCHU International, for which he has served on the Board of Directors for several Itochu subsidiaries and affiliates. Steve’s previous roles have included leading a number of international M&A transactions and infrastructure projects.

Stephanie Sprouse

Chief Financial Officer | Finance Operations

1 fun/interesting fact about you: I love volcano science!
Favorite quote: “…the mountains are calling, and I must go…” John Muir
Your dream job (outside working for NAES, of course): Yellowstone Park Ranger
Most fascinating place you’ve travelled: Yellowstone National Park, 12 times
Funniest comedian: Steve Martin
Any superstitions: Don’t step on cracks in sidewalks and never say out loud something you don’t want to come true
Hidden talents: Photography
Pineapple on Pizza: Yes or no: Yes

Billy Wang

Senior Vice President | Renewables

Billy provides NAES with more than 30 years of professional leadership experience, including the last 15 years in the evolving renewables and power services industry. Prior to joining the NAES team, he held leadership positions with Envision Digital, MaxGen Energy Services, and Schneider Electric.

1 fun/interesting fact about you: I’ve been to 21 foreign countries and 47 US states
Hobby: I love to play golf.
Most interesting person you’ve met: Brad Faxon (PGA golfer). Sat next to him on a flight one time and got a 2-hour putting lesson.
Hidden talents: Weekend Grill Master (if you like it blackened)
Favorite song: Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett)
Pineapple on Pizza: Of course! Aloha!

David Miner

Vice President | Legal And Compliance

After growing up in NJ and attending college in the Midwest, David continued his journey west to Seattle University Law School and still further west to Anchorage, Alaska where he was stationed as an Army JAG lawyer. He joined NAES in 2007.

Favorite quote: “But first, coffee.”
Hobby: Cross-country skiing, running, sea kayaking
Dream job: World Cup cross country ski wax tech
The most interesting person you’ve met: My wife, who speaks Chinese, Russian, Spanish as well as English, was a professional clarinetist, and bicycled solo from Fort Collins, Colorado to Ushuaia, Argentina.
Most fascinating place travelled: India
Hidden talents: Wiggling right ear, learned at the age of 11 after much practice in front of a mirror.
Pineapple on Pizza: A travesty, but will eat in a pinch

Dean Blaha

Vice President | Operations East

A retired US Navy submarine officer, Dean is a professional engineer and a highly accomplished executive with more than 36 years of experience in the power generation and industrial sectors. His assignments with NAES include Vice President, Division Director, Plant Manager, and Project Manager. Dean has a proven track record in plant operations and maintenance of multi-million-dollar projects including hiring and training qualified personnel, leadership, asset management, and achieving challenging goals.

1 fun/interesting fact: I was born in Hawaii
Favorite quote: None of us are as good as all of us.
The most interesting person you’ve met: Admiral Rickover
Most fascinating place you’ve travelled: North Pole
Hidden talents: Getting in trouble for things I haven’t even done yet.
Pineapple on Pizza: Yes

Bob Renaud

Vice President | O&M Services

1 fun/interesting fact: I was a former president of a soccer club with over 800 kids.
Favorite quote: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” Nelson Mandela
Least favorite food: Corn nuts
The most interesting person you’ve met: Astronaut Story Musgrave
Funniest comedian: Sebastian Maniscalco
Favorite song: Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven
Pineapple on Pizza— Yes or No: No

Anthony Ligato

Vice President | O&M Services

Alan Bull

Vice President | Compliance and Fleet Services

As NAES’s Vice President, Compliance and Fleet Services, Alan brings more than 22 years of power industry experience to his role as leader of the NERC, Environmental, Fleet Services, and Gridforce business units.

1 fun/interesting fact: I went to 6 different elementary schools in four different states
Favorite book: Non-Fiction – Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni; Fiction – Lord of the Rings
Most interesting person you’ve met: Mike McCready (Lead guitarist for the rock band Pearl Jam)
Most fascinating place you’ve travelled: Shenzhen, China
Pineapple on Pizza: No

David Jackson

Vice President | Safety

As NAES’s VP of safety, David provides extensive environmental, health, and safety management experience encompassing all aspects of the power generation and heavy industries. He has developed and implemented occupational health and safety programs, as well as provided comprehensive safety training. His safety compliance experience includes: EHS program development; implementation and training; safety assessment and evaluations; and auditing accident investigations. David’s programs have resulted in a significant OSHA-recordable incident rate reductions.

1 fun/interesting fact: I used to mountain climb and have summitted two of the three major peaks in the pacific northwest
Favorite quote: “If not me, then who?” – Keni Thomas Expanded it means “Leadership has never been about the rank, the position nor the title we hold. It is the example we set for the people we serve. Who is on your left and who’s on your right.”
Most interesting person you’ve met: R. Davis Layne. Thirty-seven years of government service and deputy assistance secretary for OSHA under three Administrations. He taught me patience and the skill to maneuver through government agencies and politicians.
The most influential Person in your life?: Marv Valentine, Camp Rotary BSA Director and Ranger.
Hobby: Anything outdoors. The woods are my second home.
Hidden talents: Survival skills – you want me with you when you’re lost.
Pineapple on Pizza: No, but at times I have to order it as a compromise with the wife and daughter.

Pat Ombrellaro

Vice President | Business Development

Pat’s 30+ years of experience include consulting, project management, strategic development, and sales/commercial leadership both domestically and internationally. His extensive experience in the energy sector includes working with developers, utilities, IPPs, and financial institutions across a platform of conventional, renewable, and emerging technology projects.

Favorite quote: Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. -Babe Ruth
Favorite book: Endurance – Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage
Hobbies: Duck Hunting and Hockey
Dream job: NHL Hockey Analyst
Most interesting person you’ve met: Tim Green retired professional football player & radio/TV personality
Most fascinating place you’ve travelled: Istanbul, Turkey
Funniest comedian: Sam Kinison
Pineapple on Pizza: Yes

Maurizio Biondo

Vice President | Business Development

Jason Pond

Senior Vice President | MROC

Jason Pond was the President of Greenberry Industrial from 1999-2021 after assuming the company’s leadership from his father, who founded the business in 1974. Over the past 19 years, Mr. Pond has grown and diversified Greenberry through an entrepreneurial leadership style, building and retaining highly motivated teams, and successfully identifying opportunities for long-term growth and stability.

1 fun/interesting fact: I used to mountain climb and have summitted two of the three major peaks in the pacific northwest
Favorite quote: “If not me, then who?” – Keni Thomas Expanded it means “Leadership has never been about the rank, the position nor the title we hold. It is the example we set for the people we serve. Who is on your left and who’s on your right.”
Most interesting person you’ve met: R. Davis Layne. Thirty-seven years of government service and deputy assistance secretary for OSHA under three Administrations. He taught me patience and the skill to maneuver through government agencies and politicians.
The most influential Person in your life?: Marv Valentine, Camp Rotary BSA Director and Ranger.
Hobby: Anything outdoors. The woods are my second home.
Hidden talents: Survival skills – you want me with you when you’re lost.
Pineapple on Pizza: No, but at times I have to order it as a compromise with the wife and daughter.

E3 Consulting

Paul Plath


Since 1985, Paul Plath has managed and performed due diligence reviews to support the financing or acquisition of over 170 electric power, energy, or industrial projects. Projects reviewed cover a wide variety of power generation technologies, petrochemical plants, alternative energy, mining and manufacturing facilities. Mr. Plath has significant experience with power generation technology and has written numerous reports and papers on new and emerging technologies for electric power generation and energy conversion.

Mr. Plath has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado and is a registered professional engineer in the State of Colorado.

Ginger Elbaum

Managing Director

In addition to overseeing business operations and providing strategic direction for E3, Ginger also manages pre-financing, refinancing and sale/acquisition projects, especially for wind, solar, battery storage, natural gas, water systems and transmission technologies. With a background in both engineering and construction, she also provides construction monitoring services across the different technologies.

One fun/interesting fact: I LOVE camping with my family. And because campsites are shockingly hard to come by, I’ve become a competitive campsite reservation collector and strategist.
Dream job: I’d love to start a non-profit to provide everyday support for those that are battling mental health concerns. I already have a name for it. One day!
Most fascinating place you’ve travelled: Nepal; I trekked the Annapurna Sanctuary.
One thing you’re really good at: Keeping an open mind.
Funniest comedian: My sister. She can make me laugh so hard that I can’t breathe.
Favorite quotes: Two: (1) You can’t compete with me. I want you to win too. AND (2) Into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.
Superstitions: I don’t say anything out loud that I don’t want to come true.
Pineapple on Pizza: Depends, but I’m open to it.


Matt Smith

Chief Executive Officer

As president of L&M, a regional steel fabrication business, Matt helped grow the business from a small local fabricator to a highly respected regional steel contractor and facilitated the sale of the company to national fabricator SteelFab, where he headed up West Coast operations.

Mark Stapleton

Managing Director

Instrumental in developing Greenberry’s world-class QA/QC program and its Nuclear Services Division, Mark provides the company with wealth of engineering and procurement experience in both the government and commercial markets. Under his leadership, Greenberry has been honored by Bechtel National with Small Business of the Year award in 2014 and 2015 and its Large Business of the Year award in 2017.


C.J. Ingersoll


Since 2015, Ms. Ingersoll has been the leader of the Gridforce team growing existing core transmission and balancing authority services, and exploring expansion opportunities in remote generation start and dispatch, microgrids, and cyber security.

CJ Ingersoll graduated from the University of Houston Law Center in 1999 and is a Licensed Attorney in the State of Texas. She started her legal career as a solo practitioner prior to shifting to a career in the energy sector as a System Operator at Duke Energy North America in 2001.

Denise Ayers

Managing Director

Olsson Industrial Electric

Ike Olsson


Having started his career in high school delivering parts for his father’s electrical construction company, Mr. Olsson has more than 30 years of experience in the electrical construction industry. Following in his father’s footsteps, he developed an affinity for heavy industrial electrical construction. After earning a BS in Economics from the University of Oregon, Mr. Olsson helped to form what is now Olsson Industrial Electric.


John Hanlon

Senior Vice President

John has been in the power industry for 25 years with experience in solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. He began his career in the maritime industry before moving into the waste-to-energy field where he was involved in several plant start-ups and operations management. Prior to joining PurEnergy as Vice President in 2010, he was the President of Advanced Energy Systems, Inc., formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of NSTAR and now owned and controlled under a joint venture. John also worked for PurEnergy prior to joining AES and was General Manager of a biomass facility in upstate New York and a combined cycle peaking facility in Florida. Prior to that, he ran Delta Power Service’s East coast operations which included two pulverized coal fired plants and two combined cycle gas turbine facilities. He also served as the General Manager of a 30 MW combined cycle power plant in Lowell, Massachusetts.

John holds a B.S. in Marine Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and an M.B.A. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is a First Class Engineer in the State of Massachusetts.