The NAES Family

We believe diversity is a catalyst for both innovative thinking and teamwork. We’ve found that the greater the diversity of our people, the greater our ability to serve customers. Corporations often claim that their people are their greatest asset, but as an independent services provider, we value our people as our only asset. We are committed to their safety, to their advancement through training and education, and to the communities in which they live and work.

We credit our success partly to our company culture and workplace values as embodied in our people. It’s been said that a company’s brand resides in the hearts and minds of its employees, and we believe this holds particularly true for NAES. It has to do with how we interact with one another and how we present ourselves to our clients, our communities and our industry peers. We:

  • are honest, transparent people who approach every interaction with integrity
  • treat everyone with respect – regardless of their personal characteristics
  • make sure everyone who comes into a NAES plant, site or office stays safe
  • look for common ground in order to make progress for the greater good
  • solve problems – always bearing in mind that the right outcome is more important than who gets credit for the idea
  • embrace optimism and believe we can accomplish any task if we apply our energy and resources to it
  • accept reality, tell the truth, and do what is right – even if it’s inconvenient
  • have the character to admit our mistakes, fix them and learn from them

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