Power Plant Outage Services

Running an outage is much different than operating and maintaining a power plant. A few weeks of downtime can consume up to 50% of a plant’s annual maintenance budget, costs $50-$100K in lost energy sales margin for every day of schedule overrun, and can attract a lot of attention from executives. NAES Engineering provides resources and logistics (as well as best practices and subject-matter experts) in an effort to reduce the outage management and scheduling burden. We do this by pre-planning and enabling owners to have some cost certainty around their outages by maintaining a designed schedule.

Preparation is Key

Why Should I Care About Outage Planning?

Power plants can spend upwards of 75% of their maintenance budget on outage services. In addition, they increase their safety risk by inviting hundreds of maintenance workers to come and work on the outage. It can ruin availability goals if the project goes over schedule. To avoid these potential dangers, power plants must plan their outages far in advance and with as much detail as possible. NAES Engineering provides power plant outage contractors to minimize these risks and increase efficiency before, during, and after an outage.

“A single major outage for a typical 7FA combustion turbine could cost perhaps $30 million when you include the cost for all necessary capital parts.”

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Tips for Outage Management Success

Why Use NAES Power Plant Outage Contractors

The NAES Advantages


NAES has in-depth experience with power plants that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Our Outage Management process is detailed and is developed with the plant owners, managers, and operators in mind. This vast experience teaches NAES industry best practices to share with our customers.

All-Inclusive Outage Planning

Our engineering team develops approaches and methodologies, and gives transparency to our work. Rather than simply sending a person to do the work, we want our customers to understand the full scope of the job. This helps plants stay on track and helps us customize plans to fit your needs.

Unbiased Selection

NAES Engineering is committed to providing our customers with the best possible practices, particularly when it comes to outage services. In order to achieve this goal, we are determined to remain unbiased and well-informed when it comes to choosing manufacturers, contractors, etc.

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