Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your CMMS environment is maintained and protected – and that your users have the support and training they need to maximize their productivity. NAES Tech Services provides all the tools necessary to achieve this. Our mission at NAES is to eliminate the time you spend wrestling with your CMMS – time you could better spend fine-tuning your plant’s performance or planning your next outage. Less bench time, more wrench time – as the saying goes.


We’re there to help you configure screens, customize reports, set up e-mail notifications, and anything else that will help your system work better for you.


Subscribe to our social-networking feeds to get weekly tips and tricks, stay up-to-date on our webinars, and invite your users to an annual training session specifically tailored for your power generation facility.


NAES put over 50 training handouts at your users’ fingertips that include step-by-step processes, tips and tricks, and clear explanations you won’t find anywhere else. We also offer individualized training via phone or WebEx.


We install the necessary software patches, help manage database and file backups, monitor system performance and error logs, resolve any system or performance problems, and take care of other general maintenance.


With an email or phone call, users and administrators will enjoy expert technical and end-user support, from troubleshooting error messages to assistance with basic processes or advice on best practices.

Using the Latest Technology

IBM Maximo



NAES is an IBM Silver Business Partner and utilizes Maximo, the world’s leading enterprise asset management solution that keeps your most critical assets and resources operating at maximum efficiency.

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“IBM Maximo Asset Management helps us better plan and find the optimum balance between maintenance and operations. This will help us increase the uptime of our assets and reduce inventory costs to increase our profits.” – Marc Boer, Manager, Plant and Management Support

Downtime reduced 5-20%

Improve the operations across asset availability, reliability, and utilization.

Labor Utilization up 10-20%

Gain central control of activities including long and short-term scheduling.

Inventory Down 20-30%

Reduce excess or obsolete inventory while still meeting demand

Asset Utilization up 3-5%

Track and manage asset deployment, specs conditions, calibration, and costing.

NAES is an authorized reseller of IBM Maximo and offers limited support for MP2

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