We are not just desk engineers. We know how to make your facility run better from the inside out. Our team takes a unique ‘whole project’ approach that combines technical expertise with financial insight. As you face ever-increasing technical, financial and compliance risk, our responsive approach and vast experience will lighten your load. Applying our comprehensive suite of time-tested processes, we fine-tune your plant’s performance while mapping your route to regulatory, operational and financial excellence.

We formulate enterprise-wide strategies – from early development through construction and into commercial operation – for newly formed and developing projects. We also offer decommissioning services for plants getting ready to close their doors or re-purpose their facilities.

Outage Management

Running an outage is much different than operating and maintaining a power plant. A few weeks of downtime can consume up to 50% of a plant’s annual maintenance budget and can attract a lot of attention from executives. NAES Engineering provides resources and logistics in an effort to reduce the outage management and scheduling burden.

Engineering Consulting

Tomorrow’s Energy Markets will demand more real-time data and greater analysis of current on-hand data. NAES Engineering Consulting is the only full-service energy consultancy with first-hand business information developed from our operated fleet of nearly 160 power plants across the globe.

High Energy Piping

High Energy Piping is an issue that all power plants face. Unattended, it can lead to catastrophic failures and loss of life. Chapter VII of ASME Code B31.1 requires plants to have an assessment program in place at their site. And that’s where the NAES Engineering team comes in.

Construction Management

Construction Management for power plants is an essential part of any capital improvement project, big or small. NAES understands that owners and executives of power plants do not have the time or energy to spend finding contractors, designing plans, or overseeing construction. That’s why we have our highly trained Construction Management team.

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