An industry leader in NERC Compliance providing a comprehensive suite of NERC compliance services to meet NERC and regional reliability requirements for both O&P and CIP to our customers.

NAES has become a leader in NERC compliance and has the experience and internal skill-sets to ensure that we deliver a comprehensive NERC compliance strategy to our clients. NAES has invested substantial resources to build an experienced team that includes former regional auditors and industry experts. NAES has completed over 200 NERC compliance service projects with over 190 successful NERC audits.

Our services range from compliance program development, gap analyses of existing programs, consulting services, training, audit preparation, and compliance program oversight. Our oversight services include Generator Owner (GO), Generator Operator (GOP), Transmission Owner (TO), Transmission Operator (TOP), and Distribution Provider (DP).

NAES is itself a Registered Entity with experience in all six NERC regions. This provides a unique perspective as a user and proven experience in compliance support service that is unparalleled in the industry, delivering long-term and sustained value to each customer.

If you would like to learn more about the North American Energy Reliability Corporation or NERC, visit their website here.




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