Shady Point

NAES Environmental serviced a 320 MW coal-fired cogeneration plant in the mid-west, which utilizes four coal-fired circulation fluidized bed (CFB) boilers and two steam turbines and their respective generators. The facility controls NOx and SO2 emissions with CFB boiler technology. The addition of limestone into the boilers reduces the SO2 emissions while low operating temperatures and staged combustion control NOx. The boilers use a back-end baghouse to control particulate emissions from the facility.

The plant previously had a 32-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a local utility, which contained three rights of termination which occurred in 2008, 2013, and 2018.  The PPA was terminated in 2018, with the facility ultimately being purchased by OG&E, leaving the plant, employees and the future of this generating plant entering some uncertain times.

During this period of uncertainty, the facility looked to NAES Environmental Services to take the lead with their environmental programs and ensure compliance while the new owner made the ultimate decision to retire the facility.  In the absence of the power plant’s full-time compliance supervisor, NAES maintained and enforced environmental compliance with a commitment to excellence. These tasks included overseeing a myriad of environmental programs such as, Air, Water, & Waste.  NAES successfully executed numerous tasks that fall under the environmental compliance umbrella. These responsibilities included but were not limited to; compiling data and submitting air, water and waste reports to various agencies, providing onsite environmental training to staff, creating environmental programs, responding to emergent events, and general day to day compliance with environmental duties.

The NAES Environmental Services team was able to achieve success in this project due to its diverse network of experience, a vast wealth of resources and tools, and an unparalleled understanding of power generation.

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