Two Years Injury-Free, Quail Run Celebrates

On April 25, Quail Run Energy Center (Odessa, Texas) celebrated a major safety milestone: two years without a recordable injury. Operations Director Rob Simmerman and Safety Operations David Jackson were on hand from NAES Corporate to present a plaque commemorating the achievement, and representatives from Quail Run owner Starwood Energy and asset manager PurEnergy participated as well. The plant hosted a special luncheon, preparing pulled-pork tacos with all the trimmings.

NAES Quail Run 2yr safety newsfeed
Left to right: Cheng Chang (Starwood Energy), Wade Procter (CRO), Mike Baier (Maint Mgr), Jeff Delgado (Starwood Energy), Chris Bailey (Mechanic), Ken Breazeale (Mechanic), Rob Watson (PurEnergy asset manager), Justin Burns (Planner), Scott Garner (Lead CRO), Yesenia Bonner (Plant Admin), Steve Reinhart (Interim Plant Mgr), Don Jackson (CRO/APO), and Rob Simmerman (NAES Ops Director). Photo by David Jackson (NAES Safety Ops Director).