NAES Assessment Program Upgrade

by Rob McCranie, NAES Project Manager

These are exciting times at NAES as we move forward in improving the execution of how NAES performs Plant Assessments.  Last year NAES formed a working group with the goal of finding a better way to execute Plant Assessments at NAES.  Specifically, to look for a better assessment application that would support assessment development, assigning, scoring, reporting and managing.

The team determined which current assessment processes would be included in the new program:

  • NAES Annual Assessment Program
  • Operational Excellence Reviews
  • O&M GAP Analysis Tool
  • Safety Assessment Tool
  • Environmental Compliance Audit
  • Environmental GAP Analysis

The NAES team looked at five platforms and ultimately recommended utilizing Gensuite-Inspection Tool.  Utilization of the Gensuite Inspection Tool allows for easy transfer of finding the Gensuite Action Tracking which is already in use.  Use of this application will continue to drive our proficiency within the Gensuite Platform.  Our goal is to utilize the data gained through the Plant Assessments at each facility to not only drive improvements at that facility but to also help us to determine where more attention is needed across the NAES Fleet of Plants.  The key capabilities of the tool include the following:

Key Capabilities

  • Establish customized site-specific inspection, checklists; local language option available.
  • Track in-progress, missed, and completed inspections in one centralized location with real-time dashboard capability.
  • Assign checklist completion responsibility and inspection frequency at various areas across a site.Identify findings & corrective actions and seamlessly export to the Action Tracking System for assignment and closure.
  • Conduct inspections offline using a checklist sent as a file attachment in the notification email.Mobile Enabled, available on table and smartphone devices (Apple, Android + Windows) ©.

This step towards the fleet’s improvement of the data capture, tracking, and management of critical program deficiencies throughout the fleet is in keeping with the goals of the NAES Smart O&M initiative. This project is currently underway and will be available to complete the 2021 assessments early in the second quarter of 2021