Maximo 7.6: Why You Should Upgrade or Switch to It

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Maximo 7.6: Why You Should Upgrade or Switch to It

by Megan Matthews – Project Engineer, CMMS Services, NAES Corporation

Many of you are currently using Maximo 7.1, Maximo 7.5, MP2 or another CMMS system. If so, you may be wondering, “If my system is working fine for me – which it is – why should I switch?” Here are three good reasons you should consider upgrading or switching to Maximo 7.6.

Reason 1: Maximo 7.1 is out of support; Maximo 7.5 will be out of support in August; MP2 will be out of support in 2019. This means that any problem related to OS system upgrades, Microsoft fix patches, or software vulnerabilities will no longer be remediated by regular IM fixes. If you have an issue with your system, you’re on your own. We, the NAES CMMS team, will help as much as we can, but in some cases these issues won’t be fixable.

Reason 2: You want to ensure that you have a support team should an issue arise. NAES has experts certified in Maximo 7.6 who are ready to support you. If it’s something we can’t solve, our partnership with IBM enables us to escalate tickets to them more quickly. We provide training, sales, implementation, configuration and integration. We also actively pursue ways to utilize Maximo and other IBM products more effectively in order to improve your plant’s performance. In fact, we’ve scheduled our first annual user’s group for May 22-24, 2018. There you’ll get two days of training, lots of best practices and time to compare notes with your fellow Maximo users.

Reason 3: You’ll find a bevy of improvements in the new version of Maximo. Even better, IBM has changed the way they roll them out. In the past, all improvements were bundled with a new version, but with 7.6, IBM has begun introducing improvements with each update. They’ve also improved the updates so you lose fewer of your customizations and configurations, and they can take as little as eight hours to implement.

Here’s a brief list of improvements for Maximo:


  • Analytical insights through improved reporting, KPIs and dashboards, Cognos entitlement
  • Functional enhancements with crew management and service addresses to support maps
  • Usability enhancements – refreshed interface
  • Technology improvements by expanding install and platform support, multitenant architecture, serviceability

  • Maximo on the Cloud – SaaS
  • Asset Depreciation
  • JSON mapping framework

  • Building Information Model Integration
  • Federated MBOs
  • IoT and Weather API integration

  • New Work Centers User Interface: Business Analyst,
    Watson Analytics, SRs, Supervisor, Technician
  • New Formula Engine
  • New Licensing Tracking Utility
  • Modern controls that replace applet technology dependencies

  • Budget tracking and new application
  • New Work Centers: Inspections


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