‘;–Have I Been Pwned?

By Myunk Kang, NERC Reliability Specialist 

Have you?  

In a world where scams and digital shakedowns are on the rise, have you ever wondered if your digital secrets are well-kept? Meet HIBP, your digital detective that sniffs out if your email or passwords have wandered where they shouldn’t in this era of heightened online risks. 

Let’s find out in 2 steps. 

1. Enter your email address at https://haveibeenpwned.com

2. Review result


If your email address is found, it’ll show which breach, and type of information.

3. Stay updated 

Click [Notify me] on top menu to view “sensitive breach” result and subscribe to notification when your email address is found new breaches.

In a world of rising scams, fortify your digital defenses from the start with strong passwords. HIBP offers a simple way to check if your email or passwords are in trouble. Stay safe out there!