Engineering Drawings Review and Update

Are your drawings hard to read, missing information, or simply outdated?

Do they contain illegible revisionsincorrect labeling, or confusing redlines?

Outdated drawings create substantial operational risk to personnel and property. Updating your drawings will inevitably save time, energy, and money and help avoid costly mistakes and accidents.

When you utilize the NAES Drafting & Graphics Team we ensure that your drawings are updated, edited, and reproduced at the highest level while observing industry-standard formatting. Your drawings will be easily redistributable and re-printable.

Our Drafting services include,

  • review and audit of existing drawings including P&IDs, process flow diagrams and electrical diagrams
  • upgrading hard copy prints to digital files
  • aligning nomenclature and labelling across drawings, procedures, LOTO and CMMS

NAES engineers will,

  • perform on-site walkdowns
  • trace systems utilizing your latest P&IDs
  • perform reviews side-by-side with your SMEs

Any additional significant details will be included in your enhanced drawings ensuring the retention of years of knowledge and experience. The latest information from vendors and OEMs, such as software patches and known problems & fixes, can be easily added, minimizing future issues.