A Key to Avoid Missed Compliance Deadlines.

Does being bogged down by multiple programs for tracking Reliability and NERC-related tasks ever lead to missed deadlines & follow-up work?

Your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system could be the solution. Using Preventive Maintenance applications allows you to regularly schedule these critical tasks and properly track any related follow-up work. You will be able to quickly and easily provide documentation and track issues against their assets for maintaining work history records. Some don’t realize that many programs also have a mobile application that you can use for your EAM system.

With Maximo, we use two programs:

  • Maximo Mobile for those who want a fully immersive experience
  • Maximo Work Centers for those who want the traditional app with some extra features

Both of these applications are compatible with mobile devices and integrate directly with Maximo for creating compliance requirements task lists. The results of these checks will drive future actions – so when failures occur, Maximo will generate work orders to fix the issues.

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