We are an independent services company dedicated to delivering value to facilities across the power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical, pulp & paper and manufacturing industries. We draw on our deep experience in operations, maintenance, fabrication, construction, engineering and technical support to build, operate and maintain plants that run safely, reliably and cost-effectively.

Safety – A NAES Core Value

We’ve taken our steadfast commitment to safety to the next level with a comprehensive program – NAES Safe – that elevates both our standards and expectations regarding workplace injuries. As our founding principle, we consider zero injuries to be the only acceptable standard.

The NAES Safe program augments our comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS), which provides the tools to integrate safety into work planning and execution throughout the organization:

  • A Safety Policy that sets forth vision and values;
  • Safety Principles that guide our decisions, planning and work performance;
  • Safety Standards that are spelled out in the NAES Health and Safety Manuals for plant operations, construction projects and corporate offices;
  • Safety Plans and Procedures that include site-specific safety plans and safety improvement plans for all plants and projects.

NAES Safe by the Numbers

  • 80% = Plants we operate that have never sustained a recordable injury on our watch.
  • 15 = Plants we operate that have celebrated 10 or more years without a recordable injury.
  • 27 = Plants we operate that have marked 10 or more years without a lost workday injury.
  • 14 = Plants we operate that have earned OSHA’s coveted VPP Star certification for extraordinary safety performance.
  • 0.90 = Our current recordable injury rate – 58% below the industry average of 2.1.

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Greenberry Fabricates Advanced-Design Navigation Lock Gate for Columbia River Dam in One Piece

Greenberry Industrial, a NAES company, has fabricated and delivered a 92x25x25-foot tainter gate for the navigation lock at The Dalles Dam on the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington. Designed for a 100-year service life, the 250,000-pound structure was procured by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the dam’s owner/operator, to replace the original gate that had served the lock since its commissioning in 1957. Greenberry successfully overcame a number of technical, commercial and logistical challenges in completing the $2.09 million project on time and under budget. Prime contractor Northbank Civil & Marine awarded the contract in early 2016. See more details here.

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At NAES, you’ll find engaging and challenging career opportunities in the power generation, oil & gas and petrochemical industries. At every level of the company, we share a common goal: To instill confidence in our clients through our steadfast commitment to safety, integrity and quality of work.

As the largest independent operator of power facilities in the industry, we’ve come to be viewed as an employer of choice. As such, we strive to attract and retain employees of choice by offering highly competitive compensation packages, including an education assistance program that encourages our people to grow along with the company.

NAES is a proud partner of Hire America's Heroes, which seeks to connect major corporations with the rich skills and abilities of military service members and their families. Hire America's Heroes engages interested corporations in activities designed to educate, promote and facilitate recognized best-practice processes and success strategies for sourcing, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, supporting and retaining America's military service members and veterans.

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We proudly present the growing family of NAES companies, which we continue to expand with the goal of providing comprehensive, life-cycle solutions to your needs.

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Don't Neglect Your Coatings...Or Your Preservation Program

It’s become commonplace in equipment preservation articles for combined-cycle plants to focus on the short-and long-term layup of equipment and systems. You’ll get very specific instructions on how to run the circulating water systems and keep the cooling tower structure wet; on chemistry, boiler humidity provisions, turbine humidity provisions and other regimens. Most of them go into great detail about everything but coating systems; usually, they dismiss them with a single sentence insisting you should maintain the coatings on plant equipment.

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How to Complete a Successful OM Assessment in a Developing Country-Part 1

In the global marketplace, decision-makers must transcend borders and cultural differences. In this discussion, we draw on our experience in applying management tools commonly used in industrialized countries, such as key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking, to the needs of power generators in less developed countries. Without some adaptation, expected outcomes can easily get ‘lost in translation.’

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We Saw the Bull Coming and Didn't Get Out of the Way

While facilitating a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) investigation at Frontera Energy Center in mid-2015, Plant Engineer Alberto Sanchez remarked, "We saw the bull coming and we didn’t get out of the way." The phrase, more memorable in Spanish, has stuck with me to this day: Vimos venir el toro y no corrimos.

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