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NAES PROVIDES Wind Energy CONSULTING, O&M, Compliance, AND ASSET MANAGEMENT Services WITH Our Extensive Background and Experience in the Power Plant Industry

Services Offered

Due Diligence

Due diligence entails the independent analysis of the technological, engineering, commercial, regulatory, and environmental aspects of a project. By thoroughly understanding the client and project, we provide expert insight and direction to minimize the risks associated with the construction and operation of a solar facility. We offer consulting for pre-financing, re-financing, construction monitoring, resource assessment, interconnection, and technology/equipment evaluations before a plant begins operations.

Site assessments and federal/state regulatory permitting support to help owners and developers understand the requirements of solar operations and to ensure all proper permits are filed on time and maintained throughout the life of the project.

Once a project site has been located, ­financing has been put-in-place, and environmental and regulatory approvals have been secured, the crucial project development phase begins. E3 supports clients though this phase, which includes initial contract development and negotiation, technical advice as you plan, design, and launch the project, environmental permitting support, and overall monitoring of the construction process.

E3 has brought together a remarkable team of energy and environmental professionals with the extensive knowledge and operational experience necessary to analyze your potential solar facility site. Our team will assess the energy potential for your specific array of solar panels, as well as model plant performance to identify accurate solar production targets and assess ideal equipment locations to meet these goals.

It is important to provide strategic advice for projects impacted by bankruptcy, financial reorganization, and other complex financial scenarios. E3 helps navigate this complexity by offering assistance that creates a deal structure that maximizes value within the context of the current market.

Asset Management

PurEnergy, a NAES company, provides a full suite of services for the management and optimization of your assets. This includes overall business management, contract administration, oversight of key vendors including O&M and Energy Management, ensuring regulatory compliance and financial services, and interacting with key stakeholders including lenders and owners.

PurEnergy can manage all financial matters for a project, including full accounting services, production of financial statements, billing and collection services, bank account and cash management, variance analysis and reporting, tax management services, and oversight of the annual audit.

PurEnergy helps ensure you are protected against problems such as manufacturing defects, environmental issues, premature wear and tear, and we offer peace of mind that our client’s agreements are being executed as if we were the Owners ourselves.

PurEnergy draws on the purchasing power of the largest third-party affiliated fleet in the US to provide spare parts faster and cheaper where possible.

The NAES portfolio of services allows us to collect operations data from an unprecedented number of locations (over 170 power plants currently), which helps identify the needs of the system more efficiently and more effectively. The PurEnergy asset management team will be able to report on and drive efficiencies in curtailment, inverter performance, downtime losses, and shading, which increase project availability and project ROI.

PurEnergy can help optimize revenue of the project by close oversight of the Energy Manager and assisting with ongoing coordination and communication for day-to-day revenue decisions. This includes monitoring compliance by the Energy Manager with its obligations under the Energy Services Agreements, and monitoring the Energy Manager’s execution of all strategies to ensure compliance with established guidelines.

PurEnergy can establish protocols for routine and extraordinary communications, reporting requirements, and periodic status meetings/progress report formats. This includes preparing and submitting periodic reports regarding the financial and operational performance of the facilities, contractual and legal compliance matters, energy management and other matters relating to Owner and the facilities.


NAES can provide a comprehensive safety assessment, using both safety professionals and engineers to identify and control risk in an existing Wind Farm operation and maintenance program.  NAES has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate existing programs on fall protection,  extreme weather preparation, arc-flash analysis, confined space entry, hazardous energy control, housekeeping and fire prevention; as well as reviewing training and safety equipment selection to ensure protection meets OSHA, ANSI and ASTM requirements.

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NAES can assist our clients in the proper execution of regulatory obligations for site development, construction, operations and long-term maintenance of wind turbine facilities.  Our NAES Environmental Staff can support identification/tracking/monitoring of pre-commercial permit/plan requirements, environmental study ongoing obligations, agency and regulatory notifications, project documentation, regulatory reporting, environmental plan implementation and operations personnel training on the environmental aspects of the O&M business.

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HR compliance is a process of defining policies and procedures to ensure your employment and work practices demonstrate a thorough understanding of applicable laws and regulations, while also being aware of the company's larger human capital resources objectives.


The NAES Engineering team can provide a general assessment of your wind facility’s safety, reliability, and efficiency.  With over 22 years of combined wind plant management experience, the NAES team can evaluate your wind O&M options, optimize your current O&M program, or assist with making major plant equipment decisions.

NAES provides secure and reliable 24/7 monitoring of plant equipment from our Remote Operations Center in Houston, TX. This ensures real-time analysis of your facility.

NAES Engineering will assess the condition of your sites’ blades and recommend a preventive maintenance plan that will maximize your efficiency while minimizing your long-term repair costs.  Blade inspection services are available via rope access, drone, and/or ground-based photography.  NAES Engineering will ensure blade damages are properly prioritized for repair, identify cost effective upgrades, and/or will assist with the optimization of related outage/budget plans.

NAES can develop a facility-specific transformer contingency plan which helps mitigate the potential loss associated with a critical transformer failure. NAES can provide either remote or on-site support should a transformer issue or failure occur.  We can provide project management, technical support, owner's engineering, contractor oversight, and other general guidance to help ensure the work gets done safely and expeditiously.

NAES Engineering will develop proactive and/or reactive cause map diagrams to assist with the analysis and identification of the best options for improving your wind site’s performance. 

NAES Engineering Services offers to create current legible drawings of your plant and its components including electric one line and three line diagrams and P&IDs. 

NAES Engineering has extensive experience with comparing wind O&M and financial metrics to industry benchmarks.  After several years of operation, a wind performance map can be developed for your wind site(s) to further assist with the identification of problem areas.  A periodic benchmarking analysis can improve the accuracy of your O&M budget over time and identify areas for improvement.

NAES has a wealth of knowledge drawn from operating hundreds of large power plants that make our process and data-driven solutions second-to-none. We customize our O&M plans to prioritize availability and ROI and offer in-house options for additional a la carte value-add services which provide savings and operational performance improvement.

Under the guidance of a Certified Energy Manager, the NAES Engineering team can optimize the energy performance of your wind facility, O&M building, and/or substation.  The NAES team will be a systems integrator for electrical, mechanical, process and building infrastructure - analyzing the optimum solutions to reduce energy consumption or demand in a cost-effective approach.

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Case Studies

Texas Jumbo Road

The 300-megawatt Jumbo Road wind project is located approximately 50 miles southwest of Amarillo, Texas. Construction on the project began in 2014, and the project commenced commercial operation in April 2015. Austin Energy purchases electricity from the project pursuant to the terms of an 18-year power purchase agreement. The project was developed by Lincoln Clean Energy and is owned by BHE Renewables.

The project has a total of 162 GE Energy 1.85-87 (power 1,850 kW, diameter 87 m) turbines. The project is expected to generate enough clean energy to power approximately 102,500 US homes over its estimated initial operational life of 20 years.

NAES provides compliance oversight, training and reporting associated with both NERC CIP and O&P standards that are applicable to Generator Owners and Operators (GO/GOP).  NAES has provided GO/GOP Compliance Oversight and support for Jumbo Road since November of 2017.

Santa Rita

The 300-megawatt Santa Rita wind project is located in Reagan and Irion counties in west central Texas. The project was developed by Invenergy and achieved commercial operation in mid-2018.  The project is owned by BHE Renewables.

The project has a total of 120 GE Energy 2.5-116 (power 2,500 kW, diameter 116 m) turbines. The project is expected to generate enough clean energy to power approximately 102,500 US homes over its estimated initial operational life of 20 years.

NAES provides compliance oversight, training and reporting associated with both NERC CIP and O&P standards that are applicable to Generator Owners and Operators (GO/GOP). NAES has provided GO/GOP Compliance Oversight and support for Jumbo Road since November of 2017.