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NAES Smart Operations and Maintenance

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Smart O&M is NAES’s proprietary approach to providing third party O&M services. Smart O&M is made up of a set of core elements that differentiate NAES from our competitors.


The NAES Safe corporate-wide safety initiative is comprised of ten safety core elements that commits all NAES employees to a higher standard of safety excellence to achieve an injury-free workplace


NAES pursues a culture of compliance where excellence in environmental and NERC compliance are evident to all NAES employees and our clients. The NAES culture of compliance extends to implementation of NAES O&M Programs at each facility. NAES uses technology, to the extent possible, to standardize the approach to compliance at each facility it operates


NAES pursues training program uniformity at each facility. NAES believes training supports effective succession planning and high levels of operational excellence. NAES believes knowledge translates to unit performance/optimization and client return on investment

Data Collection and Analytics

NAES is developing a data collection and analytics platform that will allow it to make use of available data (operational and financial) to drive informed decision making and client value

Plant Performance

The NAES programmatic approach to O&M drives operational excellence at each facility. The NAES Smart O&M approach to Safety, Compliance, Training, and Data is the formula that creates value for our clients