With over 20 years of experience working as a Balancing Authority (BA), Gridforce – a NAES company – can implement most required Local BA functions. Gridforce is a specialized team focused entirely on the reliable operation of our client’s assets. We have audit-proven procedures and programs in place to maximize efficiency and reduce excess tariff fees for power generators. Gridforce utilizes its primary and backup control centers for 24/7 monitoring. The team has a proven track record of integrating with Reliability Coordinators, Transmission Operators, and adjacent Balancing Authorities to ensure reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System (BES).

Gridforce is highly experienced in applicable BA and Transmission Operator requirements, such as communication and response to operating instructions, identifying meter errors, calculating losses, cyber security, and much more. Read on to learn how NAES and Gridforce can help operate your facility remotely while staying secure, compliant, and reliable.


Remote Power Plant Monitoring

Remote Dispatch (Start/Stop and Alarm Monitoring)

From Gridforce’s primary and backup control centers staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with trained NERC Certified System Operators, we are able to receive and send dispatch instructions to or from the Owner or Energy Manager in accordance with established Remote Dispatch procedures.

We have Power Systems and Operations experience, physical and cyber security programs, utility-grade monitoring systems, proven disaster recovery programs, and dedicated systems engineering support to make sure you are operating at peak efficiency.

Remote Thermal Performance Monitoring

Gridforce and NAES will perform periodic monitoring of your facility’s systems and prepare reports for the Owner.

With prior clients, NAES and Gridforce have assisted in recovering lost performance, identified malfunctioning equipment and instrumentation, and reported general trends in performance for optimization and efficiency improvements.

Remote NERC Services

The Gridforce team of highly qualified NERC Certified System Operators, in coordination with NAES HQ’s NERC team, monitor equipment status and limits, coordinate outages, implement Lock-Out / Tag-Out procedures, perform system assessments and implement emergency procedures to ensure NERC compliance.


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