High Energy Piping is Not Optional

High Energy Piping is an issue that all power plants face. Unattended, it can lead to catastrophic failures and loss of life. Chapter VII of ASME Code B31.1 requires plants to have an assessment program in place at their site. And that’s where the NAES Engineering team comes in.

Our highly-qualified engineers help your team develop a program that meets these requirements (specified below), which saves you time and money while also increasing safety. NAES provides oversight of the project and will be your liaison with contractors. We go above and beyond to provide you an additional level of assistance that you cannot find elsewhere.


NAES works with power plant managers and operators to address any HEP risks and develop an in-depth assessment


Our team will work with facilities and contractors to assist with reviewing reports and enacting any needed changes


Once implemented, facilities can see the cost savings of having a NAES-approved High Energy Piping plan in place

Competitive Advantage

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to High Energy Piping Services, but we also know why we are the best. NAES has partnered with one of the top vendors in High Energy Piping engineering contractors in the industry. Our close relationship with Thielsch Engineering has allowed us to provide discounted pricing (due to the volume of work we provide) and behind-the-scenes expertise. Also, because NAES lives and breathes power plants, we add an additional level of expertise that goes beyond a generic High Energy Piping assessment.

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