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Tomorrow’s Energy Markets will demand more real-time data and greater analysis of current on-hand data. NAES Engineering Consulting is the only full-service energy consultancy with first-hand business information developed from our operated fleet of nearly 160 power plants across the globe.



Heat Rate Improvements

Performance Modeling, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy

Improvements in Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability

Operational Support

Plant Cycling Reviews

O&M Assessment

Water Treatment

High Energy Piping

Environmental Engineering & Compliance

Troubleshooting/ Root Cause Analysis

Transitioning/ Business Support

Owner’s Engineering

Cost/benefit Analysis

Plant Layup and Decommissioning

Commissioning Support

Transactional Due Diligence

Engineering Services Provided

In support of the owner’s interests in thermal and renewable energy power plants, NAES professional engineer(s) provide project planning, review of technologies, feasibility studies, supplier or maintenance reviews, project management and execution, 3rd party opinions, outage support, condition assessments, troubleshooting, failure analyses, an overview of relay protection schemes, training, and verification of results for power plant upgrades and modifications.  Our owner’s engineering capabilities are based on diverse work experience at combined-cycle gas turbine, waste to energy, simple-cycle gas turbine, biomass, hydroelectric, wind, coal, and solar power plants.

NAES engineering has extensive experience in several benchmarking projects.  We have GADs key performance indicators and financial metrics from the operations and maintenance of over 100 in-fleet power plants.  There are several in-house models and diverse resources available to support your specific needs.

Heat rate is a key performance indicator that directly affects the bottom line.  NAES is able to evaluate overall plant performance, including component efficiencies, to identify subsystems that may be contributing to heat rate degradation.  This review will include suggestions on the next steps required to improve or restore the expected heat rate. Furthermore, NAES can assist in implementing these steps and provide evaluation of an upgrade or modification to make sure that the change(s) made resulted in the expected performance improvement.

NAES has subject matter experts in thermal performance modeling, energy management, and renewable energy..
Templates have been developed to model thermal power plants in various configurations.
The models can be modified to analyze site-specific plant performance as well as analyze the impact of proposed upgrades or modifications on overall plant performance.

NAES also can provide performance monitoring services to provide feedback on plant performance on a continuous basis.
Request an energy audit and/or thermal performance evaluation of your facility to identify the best options to lower your costs and optimize your production.

NAES Engineering compares and contrasts O&M budgets, outage reports, preventive maintenance plans, major maintenance activities, and spare parts inventories against similar NAES operated plants to provide recommendations for improvements and cost-savings.
RAM is often included as part of the in-fleet, PPO contract and its successful implementation is critical in satisfying contractual requirements.

NAES engineering can review existing plant operating philosophy for hot, warm and cold starts and provide recommendations on potential improvements or ramp rate limits for gas turbine(s), heat recovery steam generator(s) and steam turbines.

NAES has developed comprehensive in-house tools and procedures for O&M assessment based on inputs and lessons-learned from over 100 NAES operated power plants.
These assessments provide a thorough review of existing O&M policies and procedures to help generate recommendations for best practices, improvements, and cost saving ideas.

NAES has subject matter experts that can review your water treatment systems and assist with their optimization and upgrade.
Proper water treatment is very important to the proper functioning of the power plant and maintaining the health of critical equipment. Our capabilities include boiler and cooling water treatment, water quality requirements for inlet air cooling on gas turbines, reverse osmosis (RO), and filtration system selection.

With extensive data available from existing fleet of over 100 power plants and several in-house modeling capabilities, NAES can assist in cost/benefit analyses for various operating/upgrade/modification scenarios to help you identify optimum solution(s).

All power plants must address High Energy Piping issues that can lead to catastrophic failures and loss of life.

Chapter VII of ASME Code B31.1 requires plants to have an assessment program in place at their site. NAES’ experienced engineers can help develop, implement and maintain this program in a cost-effective manner while adhering to rigid safety standards.

NAES provides project oversight, 3rd party opinions, and can be your liaison with contractors. The assistance provided is unparalleled in the power industry given the level of resources and experience available from operating over 100 power plants.
Request a comprehensive review of your plant’s High Energy Piping program by our subject matter expert(s).

NAES engineering can support air and wastewater permitting, emissions compliance, SCR and ammonia slip optimization, troubleshooting of emission equipment and measurement related issues, review of existing methodologies, project engineering, and evaluation of environmental upgrades.

NAES engineering reviews operational and technical data to provide a root cause analysis for power plant events, failures, excursions, or safety incidents.
A deliverable from each RCA process is an effective action plan for both correcting and preventing reoccurrence.
NAES also provides RCA training to onsite power plant staff that they can use for future diagnosis.

NAES has experience with a variety of plant layups and decommissioning and have written procedures to aid the success of these projects.

The majority of the NAES engineering staff have more than 20 years of experience in the electric power industry in direct plant O&M, plant engineering, plant management, and OEM equipment design experience.
NAES engineering can provide in-depth commissioning support and plant engineering to cover all major equipment, valves, instruments, and control loops.

NAES engineering provides in-depth reviews of thermal and renewable energy power plants for the seller and/or prospective buyer(s).
This includes a general condition assessment and a deep dive into the plant’s historical records, procedures, operating environment, and design.
A comparison is often made against similar facilities in the NAES fleet of over 100 power plants.
Potential deficiencies are identified and weighted in a formal technical report to assist with the business decision.

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