NAES Tech Services offers current, legible drawings of your plant. Our drafting not only improves plant safety, reliability, and availability, it also increases operator confidence and reduces equipment failure caused by operation of misidentified equipment.

With decades of drafting experience, NAES has become a leading provider of power plant drafting support services. Hands-down, we are the best option for creating, updating, and optimizing your drawings because we ensure that it is done correctly.

We provide high-quality drafting work by experienced power plant professionals at low prices. We price drawing work at a level that every power plant can afford, regardless of their size. There is no ambiguous estimation process, and our flat fee pricing lets you know what you are going to spend. This transparency gives you the ability to update all your PIDs and convert them to fully-formatted and layered Auto CAD drawings at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

NAES Drafting

Smart Drawings

NAES provides smart drawings, or PDFs of CAD drawings that have information embedded into the objects, such as CMMS information, maintenance data, manuals, or O&M information.

Smart Drawings have information embedded into the objects in the drawing. When clicked, the customer can access CMMS information, maintenance data, manuals, or O&M information.

NAES Smart Drawings

PDF to CAD Conversion

We offer drafting services to convert non-CAD format drawings that are not editable into fully formatted, layered CAD drawings complete with necessary redlines incorporated into the file.

NAES takes drawings that are in a non-CAD format (digital or paper) and are not editable and turns them into fully formatted, layered CAD drawings complete with redlines incorporated.

PDF Redlining

NAES takes drawings that are in a digital format that have some redlines incorporated and returns them to the client as a PDF if the client wishes to maintain the original file type.

NAES also offers services for drawings that are in a digital format, as they can have some redlines incorporated and returned to the customer without being converted to a CAD file.

NAES PDF to PDF Redlining

Redlining in CAD

NAES Redlining in CAD

It is imperative to optimize your documents to get the most use out of them. At NAES, we focus on redlining in CAD to avoid confusion and mistakes. This reduces risk of operator error.

Drawings that are in AutoCAD or Microstation are sent along with a redlined/greenlined version of the drawing. The lines are incorporated into the drawing and we send back a PDF and CAD.

Other Drafting Services Offered

Site Maps

Site maps are used to show equipment locations, for Lock Out/Tag Out, Confined Spaces, Evacuation Routes, Drainage, SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan) or all manner of other things.  NAES uses satellite images to ensure accuracy of our site maps.

Pipe Marking

Pipe Marking labels piping with the name of the system and the flow direction.  This is incredibly important in terms of safety and speed.  When a plant operator is looking for a piece of equipment to turn off or maintain, they can find it quickly and double check the flow to ensure they are working on the right part in the right area.  NAES can label all of your plant’s pipes to improve your safety and efficiency.


Our scanning services assist plants in digitizing their drawings.  This gives them a back-up of their drawings that can be accessed anywhere.  These digitized drawings can be copied, marked-up and handled without any worries about damaging the originals.  This also helps with redlines and conversions to CAD.

Engineering Sketches

If there is a part that needs to be made for a specific instance or for a small project and you want the machinist to have a clean drawing and not a scribble to make the part from, NAES can make an engineering drawing that can be used to manufacture the part.  It ensures accuracy of the part and ensures a clean, easily legible drawing.  It also works out problems that may not be immediately visible in a sketch.

Plant Walk-Downs

If your plant doesn’t have the staff or available time to walk down drawings and redline them to show the current configuration, NAES can eliminate that problem by sending trained and experienced personnel to do those tasks for you.  Combined with our CAD to CAD redlining service or PDF to CAD service, this is a real advantage to the plant.

Why Choose Us

NAES Drafting Example

At NAES, we pride ourselves in saving our clients time and money by doing the right thing from the beginning. A previous client asked us for an estimate to do drawing work for them. They ended up choosing a lower-cost, overseas vendor. Once the drawing work was complete, it was riddled with errors, misaligned symbols, and was generally poor drafting. In order to meet the client’s budget, the competitor rushed the drawing work, and the client had to eventually redo the drawings at a higher cost. Below, you can see examples of the original drawing, the offshore company’s work, and the final product NAES presented.



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