NAES can customize your operating procedures and system descriptions, and simplified operational diagrams. Our experience demonstrates that precisely written, customized operating procedures improve plant reliability, availability, efficiency, and maintainability by enabling plant staff to focus on procedural compliance, thereby minimizing human performance errors. We incorporate OEM recommendations and best practices into a single, comprehensive set of operating guidelines that promote superior performance in all areas of plant operations.


Worried about hanging LOTOs for a hundred-plus contractors waiting to start work on your outage? Are LOTO hanging errors causing delays and concerns about workers’ safety? Let NAES upgrade your LOTO and components to NAES Safe standards.

NAES can resolve the inaccuracies and inconsistencies in your component identification with an integrated package of Lock-out/Tag-out (LOTO) services. Let us upgrade your LOTO and components to NAES Safe standards to reduce your hanging errors, delays, and safety risks.

To create accurate, efficient systems of hanging locks and tags for LOTO, we ensure the ID numbers and names of your plant components precisely match your plant’s:



CMMS database

RedTagPro or equivalent

Most importantly, your labels in the field

NAES LOTO Star Image


Matching ID numbers with these items is important because although MCCs are usually well-labeled, there is typically no group assigned to establish and apply a single naming convention during plant construction. Labels in-the-field tend to be short-lived, if they were ever placed at all. Plant personnel seldom have time to check for and fix discrepancies in labeling.

This is where NAES Tech Services comes in. NAES Operations Analysts, CMMS and procedures experts analyze LOTO and CMMS computer databases and walk-down drawings in the field. Then we update databases, drawings, and procedures, bringing all five sources of ID information into alignment. This greatly improves O&M safety and productivity.

Training, Qualifications, and System Descriptions

The best asset at a power plant can have is a qualified, well-trained staff. The NAES Qualification Program or Training Policy Manual (TMP) is designed to outline the technical and nontechnical steps required for an employee to be qualified at a given position. We do this with the help of our System Descriptions, which provide information on different plant systems to allow new operators to learn the system properly, quickly, and easily.


At NAES, we believe a well-trained staff is one of a power plant’s greatest assets. We offer Training Manual Procedures to establish the required level of knowledge and proficiency for positions at each facility.


It is important to qualify your staff to ensure they are equipped to operate in their positions. Qualification cards are included in our Training Policy Manuals (TMPs) and System Descriptions (SDs).

System Descriptions

System Descriptions are vital components for a reliable, safe, and efficient power plant operation. These SDs allow new operators to learn the different plant systems and their capabilities quickly and easily.

Operating Procedures and Maintenance Instructions

At NAES, we create a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan and integrate it into the plant’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). NAES draws from our extensive operations and maintenance experiences to provide best practices and OEM data. Our PM plan identifies, prioritizes, and summarizes all unique actions to be taken at a facility, including outage schedules, warranty requirements, and OEM recommendations.

NAES also creates customized work standards that document highly complex, non-routine maintenance tasks and incorporate OEM information and plant personnel knowledge. By evaluating historical plant records, conducting personnel interviews, and observing maintenance evolutions, we design detailed processes that improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Operating Procedures

Comprehensive and effective operating procedures provide a variety of benefits for power plant operators. The PDF below outlines the benefits of using NAES to develop your Operating Procedures.

Maintenance Instructions

We develop a customized Preventive Maintenance plan for your facility using our proven approach. Click below to see how you can address outage schedules, workloads, warranty requirements, and OEM recommendations.

Program Licensing

Any NAES “Standard Program” manual may be licensed for use by individual plants or fleets. Our most popular manuals to be licensed include the Training Policy Manual (TMP) and Safety Policy Manual (SMP). Manuals may be licensed for a one-time fee, with the option of biannual updates. Technical Services can assist in tailoring these licensed documents to our clients’ individual needs.

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