Drive Value in Your Plant With NAES Engineering Services

Tomorrow’s Energy Markets will demand more real-time data and greater analysis of current on-hand data. NAES Engineering Consulting is the only full-service energy consultancy with first-hand business information developed from our operated fleet of nearly 160 power plants across the globe.



O&M Assessments

Heat Rate Improvements

Thermal Modeling

Improvements in Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability

Business Decision Support

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Project Claims and Expert Witness Consulting

Environmental Engineering and Compliance

Plant Cycling Reviews


Market Studies

Transactional Technical Due Diligence

Owner’s Engineering

Commissioning Support

Plant Layup and Decommissioning

Other Engineering Consulting Services Provided

Equipment Analysis and Review

NAES Engineering will review technical and operational data to provide or verify appropriate equipment sizing for pumps, control valves, desuperheaters, control system tuning, voltage regulators, transformers, breakers, and electrical trip settings

Root Cause Analysis

Reviewing operational and technical data allows us to provide a complete Root Cause Analysis and an effective Corrective and Preventative Action Plan

Remote Monitoring

We create custom performance analyses and reports based on operating data supplied by plant personnel. Results are typically provided as a monthly performance report

NAES Reduces Operating Costs and Minimizes Risks

We give clear, data-based guidance to solve your complex problems. NAES provides business and engineering acumen across traditional and renewable technologies. Finally, we offer analysis and thinking rooted in real-world operating experience. Our engineering services have helped hundreds of power plants achieve engineering successes, and we can pass along this experience to your plant.

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