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Our Greenberry Industrial unit provides non-union fabrication, construction and maintenance services. Since its founding in 1974, the company has built a national reputation for both safety and quality. Greenberry's management team averages over 25 years of experience in industrial contracting and 14 years with the company. Average tenure for all employees is nine-plus years. Its base of experience includes petrochem, oil & gas, power generation, pulp & paper, chemical, aerospace, alternative fuels, food processing and high tech.

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NAES Power Contractors provides construction, maintenance, repair and modification services to power generation and industrial facilities in a union environment. NPC has built a distinguished record of delivering safe, quality services including annual outages, capital projects such as air quality control systems, plant modernizations, chimney and stack maintenance, and nuclear fuel storage systems. With over 20 million craft labor-hours worked nationwide, NPC is known for getting it done right the first time.

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Olsson Industrial Electric provides all phases of electrical contracting, including design, engineering, installation and instrumentation. Since 1986, Olsson has grown steadily on a foundation of business integrity, outstanding design, superior craftsmanship and reliable execution of complex projects. The company's ability to manage turnkey projects that include detailed design and complex electrical installations is well known, as is its expertise with integrated systems and controls.

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Our Offerings

Air Quality Control Systems

As a leading provider of air quality control systems (AQCS) services, we have deep experience in new construction and retrofit of SCR and ESP systems with final tie-in in accordance with your scheduled plant outage.

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Boilers and HRSGs

We provide complete boiler and HRSG services, drawing on our deep experience in major outage and maintenance projects. We have completed numerous stand-alone projects as well as comprehensive boiler and HRSG maintenance services under long-term, plant-wide maintenance contracts.

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Chimneys and Stacks

We provide complete chimney and stack services including comprehensive inspections (on or off line). Our well-documented reports include photos, samples, recommendations and budgetary pricing. A large number of our clients maintain annual blanket service agreements with us.

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Downstream & Petrochemical Services

Our Greenberry Industrial unit provides a full range of services to downstream and petrochemical clients, including pipe spooling and installation; tank and pressure vessel fabrication, erection and repair; structural steel erection; turnarounds and annual maintenance.

NAES maintenance and construction personnel bring the background to work effectively within existing units. They routinely work with clients to increase plant efficiency and optimize energy usage. NAES in-plant staff are ready to deliver – on turnarounds, ongoing maintenance and operational support.

Areas of Specialization

  • Specialty alloy welding
  • Furnace & boiler retube
  • FCCU modifications
  • Electrical instrumentation
  • Small & mid-cap project expertise
  • Tank farms, loading & unloading facilities, land & marine
  • Distillate columns
  • Utilities & offsites expansions, revamps & retrofits
  • Process skid fabrication & installation
  • Refiner process units - grassroots
  • Millwright services
  • Tank erection & repair
  • Structural steel erection & repair
  • Scrubber piping & liners
  • Heat exchanger services

Downstream & Petrochemical Services

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Fabrication & Field Services

A full-service, heavy industrial fabricator of modules, structural steel, storage tanks, pressure vessels and pipe spools, Greenberry Industrial employs 150 full-time welders and fabricators certified in a wide variety of alloys and materials. The company's facilities – in Sulphur, La., Vancouver, Wa., and Weldon, N.C. – provide 300,000-plus square feet of production space under hook. An industrial general contractor serving customers throughout the U.S., Greenberry offers an exceptionally trained, experienced and safety-conscious field services team that excels in all structural and mechanical disciplines.

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Major Capital Construction

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of engineering and construction services, including emergency repairs, scheduled maintenance projects and long-term capital improvements of plant equipment, systems and facilities. We respond to your unscheduled outages as well as performing services during normal operations and scheduled outages.

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Nuclear Fuel Storage Systems

We provide comprehensive services for independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) projects, including construction and fabrication of vertical concrete cask (VCC) and horizontal storage module (HSM) for existing plants or as part of decommissioning and dismantlement. We typically perform such work under the terms and conditions of the General President’s Project Maintenance Agreement or the National Maintenance Agreement.

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Power Plant Rehabilitation & Modernization

We provide a complete portfolio of power plant rehabilitation and modernization services. We bring together the craft personnel and leadership necessary to ensure safe work practices, on-time delivery and thorough preparation of documents and deliverables.

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Related Case Studies

NAES Power Contractors erected 1,860 tons of structural steel to support the aqueous-ammonia selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, which completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

NAES Completes Installation of $27M SCR System Ahead of Schedule at Major Midwestern Utility

NAES Power Contractors was awarded a $27 million contract in March 2014 to install an aqueous ammonia-based selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system at one of the Midwest’s largest coal-fired power stations. Designed by Sargent & Lundy, the SCR will use ammonia plus a catalyst to convert nitrogen oxides (NOx) into diatomic nitrogen (N2) and water. NPC began construction in April 2014 and completed it ahead of schedule and under budget in December 2015.

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greenberry_doyon_drilling rig_northslope_nov15_500dpi

Greenberry Delivers First Alaska North Slope Project

Greenberry Industrial, one of the NAES family of companies, completed on-site construction of its first project for the Alaska North Slope – a mobile drilling rig for Doyon Drilling Inc. (DDI) of Anchorage. Greenberry provided ‘rig-up’ services, which included welding the modules together; assembling piping and structures; rewiring, terminating and installing devices and components. The company delivered the project in March 2016. See more details here.

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NAES Rebuilds Electrostatic Precipitators at Conemaugh (Pa.) Generating Station

NAES Power Contractors supplied and installed new electrostatic precipitator (ESP) internals for Units 1 and 2 (four boxes total) at the 1,800 MW Conemaugh Generating Station in New Florence, Pa., for customer Genon Energy Inc. The baseload coal-fired plant consists of two 900 MW steam turbine generators and Alstom/CE supercritical tangential-fired boilers, which began commercial operation in 1970 and 1971.

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NAES Installs Third Turbine at Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project, Alaska

NAES Power Contractors installed and commissioned a vertical Pelton turbine/generator unit at the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project, a remote site on Kodiak Island, Alaska.The addition of the third turbine increased the plant's total capacity to 31 MW, supporting the goal of supplying 95 percent of Kodiak's electrical needs with renewable energy by 2020.

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