NAES NERC Compliance Program Management

We assist in implementing the compliance program and preparing audit-able compliance files. We provide ongoing support, keeping compliance managers up-to-date with current standards, revisions and interpretations.

NAES has implemented its NERC Compliance Program at more than 200 facilities, representing all technologies including wind and nuclear generating stations. Our site-specific approach establishes sound operating principles, saves time and money, prepares you in advance for NERC audits, and mitigates the risk of audit violations.

Compliance Program

Our self-conducted program provides templates that guide staff through the steps to achieve compliance. Once completed, the templates and supporting documentation constitute the NERC compliance program for the entity. It also provides recommendations for record keeping, scheduling and adopting a strong culture of compliance.

Program Implementation

We assist in implementing the compliance program and preparing audit-able compliance files. We provide ongoing support, keeping compliance managers up-to-date with current NERC standards, revisions and interpretations.

Long-Term NERC Services

We perform complete compliance services for your facility, including all activities required to achieve and maintain compliance. NAES offers a self-conducted compliance manual that specifies the actions to be taken to comply with all applicable regional reliability standards and requirements.

NAES can address requirements for Generator Owner/Operator, Transmission Owner/Operator, Balancing Authority, Distribution Provider, and Transmission Planner. Our scope of services includes oversight and management of your entity’s NERC compliance program, such as:

  • Conduct initial setup activities
  • Perform ongoing program reviews
  • Identify gaps of deficiencies in compliance with existing NERC and Regional Standards
  • Establish actions and assign responsible parties to correct any identified gaps or deficiencies
  • Assist with implementing revised or new compliance documents and procedures
  • Assist with preparing periodic regional compliance filings, including annual self-certifications and risk-based assessments
  • Conduct semi-annual onsite assessment of your compliance program and recommend corrective action to address any deficiencies
  • Assist with preparing pre-audit check sheets (RSAWs) in advance of audits
  • Support annual reporting
  • Provide training
  • Provide pre-audit training and support for audits
  • Conduct quarterly meetings to review and update a consolidated “Issues and Actions” list

We provide the support to successfully develop and maintain a quality NERC compliance program that meets the same standards implemented at NAES-operated power plants.

GO/GOP Registration

When you allow NAES to register as your Generator Owner (GO) and Generator Operator (GOP) Entity, we assume responsibility for any NERC violations and resulting fines. This also eliminates any reputation risk to you or your facility associated with such violations.

NAES develops policies and procedures, maintains proper documentation and submits reports as required by NERC and/or the Regional Entity.

Our staff becomes the Primary Compliance Contact in the Regional Entity’s portal on behalf of the facility.

We monitor the Regional Reliability Standards for new or revised requirements and attend to the following:

  • Revise existing or develop new program documents and procedures required to maintain compliance
  • Prepare and submit regional compliance filings, annual self-certifications, and risk assessments
  • Conduct annual training of plant staff to ensure reliability standards are understood at the site level
  • Conduct compliance program assessments to identify non-compliance or potential non-compliance with applicable standards and implement any corrective actions
  • Monitor the status and progress of active Mitigation Plans and Self Reports
  • Prepare pre-audit check sheets (Reliability Standards Audit Worksheets or “RSAWs”) in advance of scheduled audits
  • Travel to facilities on a quarterly basis to ensure ongoing compliance, conduct required training, review issues and actions lists, and oversee any impacting actions or inactions

NERC Audit Services

NERC Audit Support

NAES can partner with your staff to manage the entire audit, from RSAW development and evidence packages to auditor communications and data request preparation.  NAES NERC audit support will allow your organization to put its best foot forward in front of the auditors and ensure you have an experienced advocate with the region.

Gap Analysis

Through our gap analysis, NAES can work remotely or on-site to assess your current NERC program, identify deficiencies, areas for improvement, and provide a written report summarizing our findings and recommendations.  This report will provide your organization with focus areas to prioritize before your audit.

Mock Audit

NAES can provide your staff with an authentic audit experience to prepare you for the real audit.  Our staff will review your RSAWs and evidence, interview your subject matter experts, and issue data requests, culminating in a formal audit report with recommendations and any findings for your team to address before the real audit.

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