NERC Compliance Testing

NERC Compliance Testing Services Icon NAES NAES recognizes the burden placed on Generator Owners to find reliable vendors and coordinate compliance related testing. NAES Compliance Testing Services (CTS) bridges the gap between onsite testing and compliance. NAES is currently a registered GO and/or GOP for over 40 facilities and services entities across all seven NERC regions. As a result, we are uniquely capable of providing both technical and compliance expertise. We pride ourselves in providing audit-ready deliverables and have established proven QC processes to ensure physical testing is supported by appropriate documentation.

CAISO Generator Modeling Process and Data Requirements

Don’t wait until the last minute. You should allow time for at least one iteration with CAISO so that you are complete and deemed compliant before your deadline.

On August 1, 2018, CAISO introduced a revised Business Practice Manual for Transmission Planning Process (BPM), which includes new data requirements for interconnected generation resources within the ISO’s footprint. Section 10 of the BPM establishes revised data requirements and compliance procedures for all participating generators including non-NERC registered entities. While additional requirements have been placed on larger NERC registered facilities, these changes may pose an even greater burden to entities that have been exempt from NERC mandated modeling and protection requirements.

New data requirements include voltage and frequency protection models, power flow models, and in some cases, sub-synchronous resonance models. These models must be verified using criteria listed in the BPM, which can only be performed by entities with modeling software and knowledge of modeling practices.

NAES is prepared to assist entities with data aggregation, modeling, and testing to ensure compliance with CAISO’s data requests. The following links will allow entities to determine when to expect their individual data requests (phase) and what data will be required (category).

Business Practice Manual (BPM)

Entity Category and Phase Listing

CAISO Transmission Planning Website

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PRC-027 requires applicable entities (TO, GO, DP) to ensure Protection Systems operate in the intended sequence during faults. NAES offers compliance guidance utilizing existing protection system documentation if possible, or can complete full coordination studies as required.


Find out if PRC-027 applies to you using our tool below

NERC Compliance Standards Testing

Backed by our extensive experience in the power generation industry, we offer one-stop turn-key compliance testing services for the following NERC Standards:

Modeling, Data, and Analysis (MOD) Standards

NAES provides services for all Generator Owner applicable MOD standards including real and reactive capability testing, dynamic model verification testing, short circuit studies, and power flow modeling. Click on the standards below to learn more.

MOD-025                    MOD-026                   MOD-027                    MOD-032


Protection and Control (PRC) Standards

NAES provides technical and engineering services for the full range of PRC standards. Services include: coordination of voltage regulating controls, disturbance monitoring equipment specification and commissioning, relay loadability studies, and protection system coordination studies. Click on the standards below to learn more.

PRC-001                    PRC-002                    PRC-019                    PRC-023

PRC-024                    PRC-025                    PRC-026                    PRC-027


Personnel Performance, Training and Qualifications (PER)

NAES offers a full range of training packages to suit the needs of various generation resources. Both online and in-person training is available for compliance with NERC’s PER-006. Click on the standard below to learn more.



Transmission Planning (TPL) Standards

NAES can assist with the aggregation of requested geomagnetic data and thermal impact assessments required. Click on the standard below to learn more.



Voltage and Reactive (VAR) Standards

NAES can perform necessary testing to establish the performance of in-service power system stabilizers according to the requirements listed in the WECC regional standard. Click on the standard below to learn more.


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