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Established in 2000, NAES México has been providing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services in Mexico for nearly 20 years. With 1400 MWs of electrical generation in service, and more than 1700 MWs currently under construction, NAES México is the largest 3rd party O&M Services provider in México.

We deliver world class performance with uncompromising safety under strict regulatory compliance. NAES has the depth and experience to provide a full range of energy services to established Mexican entities and new international market entrants.


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Tuxpan II & V Deliver School Supplies to Local Children

As part of their Social Responsibility Program, the Tuxpan II and V plants delivered school supplies to preschool and elementary school children in 13 nearby communities. In September and October, the team delivered backpacks that each contained three notebooks, a geometry set, four pencils, two pens, scissors, colored markers, crayons, erasers and a pencil sharpener.

Tuxpan Wins Award for Environmental Excellence

The Federal Office of Environmental Protection – or PROFEPA, the Mexican authority in charge of verifying compliance with environmental legislation – created the National Environmental Audit Program as a voluntary self-regulation mechanism for companies that, due to their operational characteristics, may cause environmental damage.
Under this program, the Tuxpan II and V facilities in Veracruz, Mexico, voluntarily underwent an environmental audit to examine the performance of their processes and methodologies and verify their compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Upon finding Tuxpan’s performance and compliance to be satisfactory, PROFEPA granted the Environmental Certificate of Industria Limpia, which is valid for two years. In so doing, PROFEPA also recognized the improvement of the facilities’ environmental performance.
This was the second time Electricidad Sol de Tuxpan (EST) has been awarded this recognition, which certifies compliance with regulations, reduces the possibility of fines or penalties, and recognizes areas of cost reduction and efficient use of water, energy and other resources. The certification assures the EST owners as well as the surrounding communities that the operational practices of the NAES team are carried out in compliance with the law and with respect for the environment.

Nuevo Pemex Team Helps Plant 11,000 Trees as Part of National Park Reforestation Project

During December 2015, the NAES employees at the Nuevo Pemex plant in Tabasco, Mexico, planted 11,000 trees in 50 acres of the Villa Luz National Park. This activity supported a reforestation plan for the village of Tapijulapa, which is about 70 miles southeast of Villahermosa, Mexico.
The NAES team performed the work with surprising efficiency in spite of drenching rain, aided by the valiant efforts of Emiliano, the four-year-old son of Operations Manager Javier Badillo. Emiliano worked from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, planting 40 trees and wearing a big smile throughout. The mayor of Tapijulapa recognized the NAES employees’ accomplishments, adding a grateful nod to their youngest member, Emiliano.
“Participating in Villa Luz’s reforestation has been an experience that has brought us lots of pride and satisfaction, especially because of the teamwork between NAES and ACT,” said Veronica Morelos, Administrative Supervisor at Nuevo Pemex. “Even more touching was the energetic little Emiliano, who at the end of the day looked not just ecstatic but also ready to play. His attitude was really motivating!”
Plant Manager Hugo Ordoñez added, “Reforestation should not be seen as an aid to the community but as a payment back to the world we live in. This activity reminded us that teamwork is essential to success in any task and also that it’s an incredible experience to share with our colleagues a great opportunity to breathe fresh air and walk in a green rain forest.”

Reliability in Mid-Voltage Auxiliary Equipment

By José Landeros Juárez-Plant Manager and Henry Christopher Barrios García-Plant Engineer

Tabasco is characterized by its wide diversity of wildlife and the average annual humidity in the cogeneration plant fluctuates around 80%, making small animals and corrosion important factors against electrical and electronic equipment.


The turbines have the versatility of being able to be started by any of the two starting systems (LCI-Load Converter Inverter, Static Starter) through disconnect switches 89SS and 89TS-1.

Converter Diagram

Despite this redundancy, blades such as 89TS-1, DC and AC reactors are critical to the operational reliability of the power plant.

The starting system is kept out of operation for prolonged periods, and they are energized after scheduled shutdowns or trips, and equipment such as reactors and blades are exposed to dust, moisture, corrosion, false contacts, etc.

The solution

Application of painting, brushing and re-tightening of terminals and the sealing of cabinets, are activities that can be carried out in these equipments, in non-prolonged shutdowns.


Terminal re-tightening, porcelain cleaning and operating tests on MV blades are performed.

Application of sealing cement on Garlok to cover the openings between the passage of cables to AC / DC reactors.

89SS, 89TS, 89ND disconnect switches require mineral grease that provides thermal resistance, reduces friction in the mechanisms and reduces degradation by rustiness.

Contaminated grease has been removed and new grease has been applied to the MV auxiliary equipment mechanisms.

Some recommended for this application:

Mobil SHC-26

Mobil SHC-32

The sealing of the PEECC, LEC, GEC compartments with intumescent material (Hilti CP 679-A), has been the scope of this solution, to prevent the entry of dust, moisture and rodents in the excitation and starter boards.


[1] TIL 1701-R1 Improving the Reliability of Medium and High Voltage Auxiliary Equipment

Mobile Backup Battery Bank Streamlines Discharge-Testing

NAES wanted to find a way to reliably perform battery discharge-testing as stipulated by the IEEE as well as NERC standard PRC-005-02 at the recommended intervals without jeopardizing the Nuevo Pemex cogeneration plant’s integrity.

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Leak-Testing with Helium Helps Eliminate Degradation of Gas Turbine Performance

The Nuevo Pemex cogeneration facility, located in the State of Tabasco, Mexico, is equipped with two GE MS7001FA combustion turbines, each with a single-stage pressure HRSG. In cogeneration mode, the plant generates 277 MW and 1.76 million lbs/hr of steam.

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Backwashing the Closed Cycle Heat Exchanger

In the MHI´s operating procedures of the plant, they provide to NAES a safe way to isolate the exchanger for cleaning when it has already been soiled and its heat exchange is no longer sufficient to cool the plant equipment. This cleaning consists of mechanically disassembling the exchanger and washing plate by plate. On the other hand, there is a backwash procedure that is not effective.

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