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Enterprise Asset Management

NAES Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Services provide support, customization, and implementation of Maximo Manage, an EAM application, to ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective operation. We utilize the latest ISO standards and guidelines to develop our hierarchies, failure codes, and processes. We also utilize best practices obtained from multiple implementations, upgrades, and over 20 years of experience supporting CMMS across our fleet.

Our Solutions

NAES EAM Solutions has extensive experience working with clients designing IBM Maximo Asset Management software solutions that can meet their business needs. The NAES EAM Services team are IBM Silver Business Partners with experience in all current versions of Maximo. Work will be carried out by a team of certified Maximo experts, under the supervision of an experienced project manager. We currently provide Maximo support to over 40 facilities. Support includes training, troubleshooting, data loads, integrations, upgrades, customizations, installation of software updates, hosting Maximo, data recovery, and other custom projects.

The NAES EAM team is eager to help you out whether you utilize our hosting or support services or another provider’s offerings. We can conduct training via webinar, on-site, or one-on-one. We will customize the training and support to match your needs and can conduct training on all aspects of Maximo, from day-to-day work to customizing your views in Maximo. We can also create custom reports, custom applications, and we can modify your views of Maximo given the proper credentials.

You should not be working for your EAM system; it should work for you. If you have any challenges that you want to tackle or you just need to understand your system more.

Our Process

Maximo is a complex and nuanced application. The NAES EAM team are certified Maximo experts and spend all their time troubleshooting issues and working with Maximo, so we have the expertise and experience to help you wrap your hands around the intricacies of Maximo.

NAES EAM can provide specific training related to roles, including providing training on specific customizations you may have in your own instance. This training can be provided via webinar, at our offices, or on-site. Training can also be provided for all levels of application users including introducing new users to Maximo, going over specific applications or issues that users encounter, or training on administrative functionality.

The NAES EAM group has conducted over 50 Maximo implementations. Best practices from these implementations, as well as guidance from ISO standards and input from other experts in the industry drive our implementation processes. We can implement Maximo fresh, building an asset and location hierarchy, creating and loading inventory, developing purchasing and work order processes, and creating and implementing user and security roles.

Whether you are coming from a group who provided data that needs to be put into a new EAM solution, or you are coming in with no EAM data, we can help you get to the place you need to be. Our solution includes exclusive outage management features, custom applications for purchasing, budgeting, and work orders, standard user roles and security setup, and full in-house support & training both before and after implementation.

Your EAM system is only as good as what goes into it. If you have questions about your current utilization or need a consultant to tell you how to get to the usage you want, the EAM team can help. We can review how your current system is being utilized and identify gaps. Then we will analyze these gaps to determine the easiest way to move forward and close those gaps, ensuring you get the data you need to properly manage your assets.

The NAES EAM team provides hosting so clients can utilize Maximo at their site and while on the road. These hosted sites are available 99.9998% of the time and are routinely update – both their Maximo versions and their OS versions.  We provide 24X7 support and continuous monitoring both on server status and via synthetic monitoring to ensure your experience is excellent.

Hosting services can be provided for those purchasing their licensing from NAES and those bringing in their own licensing to the platform. NAES EAM personnel manage the servers, and your data is available to you upon request. Servers are also backed up to an external location nightly.  

Hosting services can be provided for those purchasing their licensing from NAES and those bringing in their own licensing to the platform. NAES EAM personnel manage the servers and your data is available to you upon request. Servers are also backed up to an external location nightly.  

The NAES EAM team provides full in-house support for Maximo. This includes managing the servers (cloud and on-premise), email communications, application error resolution, user training, product configuration, integration with other applications, user, 1 on 1, and group training, custom configuration of the Maximo software and custom reporting from BIRT.

Support services can be provided as both a support contract or as time and material billing upon request. Our support contracts are offered as unlimited hours at a monthly rate. We utilize Maximo to manage our support tickets, we provide 24X7 support for emergencies via email at cmms@naes.com and by phone at 425-528-1077.

Support Services Contract

NAES offers support services to ensure that the Maximo software maintenance requirements are being performed and user support is being provided to site personnel. NAES will require administrative and maintenance control of the web-hosted implementation environment to provide these services.

Maximo software requires routine maintenance to maintain its installed functionality. This requirement is not unique to Maximo, and the maintenance requirement exists due to the complexity, and need to preserve data inherent in a database environment. NAES EAM can provide the software maintenance services required, as well as user support. 

NAES EAM support services include the following items.

Nightly database backups

Monthly maintenance

Restart Application Server*

Restart SQL Server*

Refresh training environment

Verify database backups*

System check*

App server checks (logs)*

Database checks*

OS checks*

Attachment backup

Installation of Fix Patches, as required

System troubleshooting*

System security audit (port scanning, logging, etc.) *

CMMS metrics

Maximo system administrator support

Support Tasks Included in the support contract:

 Add new users (person, labor, user, security groups)

 Remove existing users (person, labor, user, security groups)

 Add custom field that affects only 1 application (field & Lookups)

 Some application design changes (hiding fields, adding fields, moving fields, adding lookups that already exist, modifying list view with directly related table values)

Training related to performing your job (Administrative training such as application designer changes, SQL, Scripting, database configurations, security, integration not included)

 Altering NAES's Work Order Print and Purchase Order Print and training on how to create ad-hoc reports (any other report adjustments are not included, including adjusting any reports provided by NAES or IBM with the product)

 System fixes when the product is not performing as designed (This includes fixing reports that are not working that have not been altered and any system issues caused from IBM fix patches or software glitches)

Change status on Purchase Orders and Work Orders from closed to the previous status.

Training and discussion on best practices for Maximo use and demos and discussions about improvements or updates that were the result of a fix patch that was applied

 Installation of fix patches and upgrades once a year to keep up with the security patches and required fixes.

 Workflow changes to PO, PR and Work Order workflows

 Assist site with queries and start centers that involve one table. Training to modify start centers provided during implementation.

 Implement and develop any NAES required patches or fixes

Recurring support calls to review open requests and completed work.

 Modifying existing escalations

 Adding/Altering alphanumeric domains (statuses, lists, etc)

 If integration is part of your product, troubleshooting errors (you are responsible to fix those errors)

 Training and installation of fix patches related to add-ons (Scheduler, Oil & Gas, Mobile, etc)

 Fixing any issues related to integration when the issues are caused from a Maximo fix patch or script introduced by NAES staff.

Support Tasks not included in the support plan.

Training on Maximo Admin related tasks

 Data cleanup

 Modifying standard reports or creating new BIRT reports

 New applications

 Custom fields that require data to be filled out elsewhere

 Automation Scripts

 Email listener

 Modifying existing lookups

 Troubleshooting and fixing issues related to personnel doing admin tasks  or performing work they are not trained for.

*Items denoted with an asterisk are dependent on NAES Web hosting and are not available for on-premise installations.

NAES EAM will provide the software support during normal business hours – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Any off shift, weekend and/or holiday support will be planned and agreed upon in advance.

SLA: Working hours are between 8 AM and 5 PM PST M-F

In conjunction with our local site, the NAES EAM team has developed a custom application to manage outages. There are two solutions that we have developed – the lite version is included in all Maximo implementations and includes some custom fields in the Work Order, PR, and PO applications, as well as a custom project management application and report to help you track your outage costs and tasks.

The NAES EAM team has also developed a more comprehensive solution with a complex application that can be purchased separately. This application is a more robust solution with unit and cost tracking embedded in the application.

The NAES EAM solution includes a number of custom reports, but if you are in need of reports not included in the solution, or you are coming from another provider and need a report created, the EAM team is here to help you. We can import an existing report for you, modify and existing report, or create a new report. We have created the following reports for our clients, you may ask for these or other reports that you may need.


  • Purchase Order Print
  • Purchase Requisition Print
  • Contract Print
  • Spending by GL
  • Committed Dollars Report (includes Received but not Invoiced numbers)
  • Taxes Paid to Vendors
  • Vendor Activity Report (over a time period)


  • Work Order Print
  • Work Order Backlog
  • Work Order Metrics


  • Project Spending to date (Committed & Actual spending)
  • Project Tasks and Requirements


  • Inventory Balances
  • Inventory Catalog
  • Inventory Reconciliation (all transactions by month or a specific time period)


  • PM Status (All generated as needed)
  • PM Coverage (Do all Assets have PMs)
  • PM History (Have all PMs been generated as expected in the past)


  • Budget vs. Spending Report
  • Monthly Spend on Annual Budget

NAES EAM utilizes Maximo Mobile and licensing tokens to provide an on and offline solution for your plant. This can be implemented both on-site and through our hosted platforms. Maximo Mobile is continuously being improved by IBM, and when using the hosted platform we ensure you are on the latest, most stable version so you can utilize all the exciting new features introduced by IBM.

Maximo Mobile is an intelligent mobile solution that gets smarter over time and can be used on many platforms including tablets and phones using AppleOS and those using Adroid OS. It offers the ability to use barcode scanning, capturing images, using GPS locations, and voice to text features. It can be used offline and will sync back with Maximo when the user is back in touch with the Maximo servers. It is upgraded by IBM and will seamlessly integrate with the Maximo application.

NAES EAM is an IBM reseller and an Embedded Solution provider. As such we have the flexibility to provide licenses in your name or lease licenses via our mobile solution. We can also sell individual licenses, work with you to get your licenses back if you have lapsed in your payments, or give you the opportunity to lease licenses for transient workers through our hosted application.

NAES EAM can integrate into both your SCADA systems and your purchasing systems to reduce your workload and ensure more accurate data entry. We have performed many integrations into purchasing using csv email transfer, direct SQL injection, and transfers via web services. We can meet with you to determine what your needs are and create the connection you desire.

If you are interested in using your SCADA data to drive your PMs we can work with you to achieve that result. Our solar sites are using Maximo to connect to the SCADA system through meters and trigger work orders when specific conditions are met. We can also utilize Maximo Suite 8 and their new software to drive work.

Many of our smaller plants have not been able to utilize the power of Maximo due to the implementation and ongoing license costs. Using Maximo 8 and application points, we are now able to offer a lower cost solution. We have configured Maximo, using best practices from our other sites, to be able to offer a standardized system that you can quickly start using for Power. This new solution will give you the ability to start using the system with only a small amount of data – including vendors, gl accounts, assets, and locations. This solution does not include some of the abilities of a full Maximo implementation, including custom screen changes, but it gives you the flexibility to use existing reports, screen customizations, and custom applications. You can also request new reports, update your purchasing workflow, and you will have exclusive access to your data and your users.

NAES EAM currently has developed a solution for Solar, Wind and Power. Please reach out to us at maximo@naes.com if you have any questions about our solutions.