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Greenberry Fabricates Advanced-Design Navigation Lock Gate for Columbia River Dam in One Piece

Greenberry Industrial, a NAES company, has fabricated and delivered a 92x25x25-foot tainter gate for the navigation lock at The Dalles Dam on the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington. Designed for a 100-year service life, the 250,000-pound structure was procured by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the dam’s owner/operator, to replace the original gate that had served the lock since its commissioning in 1957. Greenberry successfully overcame a number of technical, commercial and logistical challenges in completing the $2.09 million project on time and under budget. Prime contractor Northbank Civil & Marine awarded the contract in early 2016. See more details here.

To meet rigorous Corps of Engineers standards, Project Manager Brian Bennett had to put extra effort into the preliminaries: procuring long-lead material; qualifying weld procedures, shop procedures and work instructions; and qualifying his fabricators and non-destructive examination (NDE) consultants.

“The level of review the Corps applied to our project submittals went above and beyond what we we’re used to with our private-industry clients,” Bennett said. “We also had to read through a 900-page contract specification and make sure we extracted all the requirements that applied to our piece of the project.”

In addition, the Corps had specified a new and challenging design intended to improve constructability and withstand the massive stresses applied daily by millions of tons of water. The gate would be fabricated in one piece utilizing joints that required fewer welds but had to fit very tight tolerances. All materials and welds had to be carefully tracked, and the welds had to meet AWS D1.5 fracture-critical standards. With this little margin for error, the team used 3D laser technology measuring equipment that provided an unprecedented level of accuracy over long distances.

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