Power Plant Rehabilitation & Modernization

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We provide a complete portfolio of power plant rehabilitation and modernization services. We bring together the craft personnel and leadership necessary to ensure safe work practices, on-time delivery and thorough preparation of documents and deliverables.

We deliver major boiler outages, repairs and upgrades including the following:

  • Water walls, superheaters and headers
  • Burners and over-fired air systems
  • Expansion joints, ductwork and wind box modifications
  • Carbon and ammonia injection systems
  • NOx & SO2 system installation, repair and modification
  • Baghouse & ESP service, repair
  • and replacements
  • SCR catalyst installation and replacement
  • ID & FD fan installation and rehabilitation
  • Air heater service, repair and replacement
  • Pulverizer & conveyor maintenance, repair and upgrade
  • Balance of Plant repair and upgrade

Power Plant Rehabilitation and Modernization Services

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