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We develop a comprehensive program using our proprietary Environmental Binder tool that assembles all of your environmental requirements and ensures you achieve full compliance, minimize risk and optimize your investments. We address all applicable air programs and permitting; wastewater and stormwater permits, plans, sampling and reporting; solid and hazardous waste; chemical management; and spill prevention/SPCC/OPA, among others.

Our environmental services include consulting and support for:

■ Air programs such as permitting/Title V, Continuous Emissions Monitoring, ECMPS reporting, Acid Rain/Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, 40 Parts 75 and 60, New Source Performance Standards, MACT standards, federal and California greenhouse gas reporting, stack testing, RATAs and all types of air reporting.

■ Wastewater and stormwater permits, plans, sampling and reporting.

■ Solid and hazardous waste, chemical management, spill prevention/SPCC/OPA, emergency planning, Right-to-Know/Tier II, Toxic Release Inventory, Accidental Release Prevention/Risk Management Program, DOT and remediation.

Environmental Services

Dense Slurry System (DSS)

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