NAES Power Contractors erected 1,860 tons of structural steel to support the aqueous-ammonia selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, which completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

NAES Completes Installation of $27M SCR System Ahead of Schedule at Major Midwestern Utility

NAES Power Contractors was awarded a $27 million contract in March 2014 to install an aqueous ammonia-based selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system at one of the Midwest’s largest coal-fired power stations. Designed by Sargent & Lundy, the SCR will use ammonia plus a catalyst to convert nitrogen oxides (NOx) into diatomic nitrogen (N2) and water. NPC began construction in April 2014 and completed it ahead of schedule and under budget in December 2015.

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Hydro Turbine Installation at Kodiak, Alaska

NAES Power Contractors installed and commissioned a vertical Pelton turbine/generator unit at the Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project, a remote site on Kodiak Island, Alaska.The addition of the third turbine increased the plant's total capacity to 31 MW, supporting the goal of supplying 95 percent of Kodiak's electrical needs with renewable energy by 2020.

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Pre-Commercial Services and Plant Operation for Florida Biomass Plant

NAES provided greenfield and pre-commercial services during construction, startup and commissioning of the Gainesville (Fla.) Renewable Energy Center (GREC), a state-of-the-art 100-MW woody biomass power-generating plant. The company then won the plant operations and maintenance (O&M) contract for the GREC facility, which recently received recognition from Power Engineering magazine as one of the world’s best power projects. The magazine’s annual awards honor excellence in operation of power-generation facilities as well as design and construction.

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HSM Construction at Nine Mile Nuclear Station, New York

NAES Power Contractors constructed and assembled 30 horizontal storage modules (HSMs) for spent nuclear fuel at Nine Mile Nuclear Station, Scriba, N.Y., for customer Constellation Energy Nuclear Group. The $62 million contract included an additional 10 HSMs to be stored for future use.

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ESP Rebuild at 1,800 MW Conemaugh Plant, Pennsylvania

NAES Power Contractors supplied and installed new electrostatic precipitator (ESP) internals for Units 1 and 2 (four boxes total) at the 1,800 MW Conemaugh Generating Station in New Florence, Pa., for customer Genon Energy Inc. The baseload coal-fired plant consists of two 900 MW steam turbine generators and Alstom/CE supercritical tangential-fired boilers, which began commercial operation in 1970 and 1971.

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Fish-Tracking System at Cowlitz Falls Dam, Washington

When Lewis County (Washington) PUD needed a fish-tracking system at Cowlitz Falls Dam, they retained NAES Power Contractors to do the honors. The project addressed requirements of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Fish Research Division, which assesses management efforts to improve anadromous (spawning) fish passage through dams.

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